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sinner, if he denies it, the good effect is lost.  Either of
these states of mind will stultify the power to heal
mentally.  This accounts for many helpless mental practitioners
and mysterious diseases.
   Again: If error is the cause of disease, Truth being
the cure, denial of this fact in one instance and
acknowledgment of it in another saps one's understanding
of the Science of Mind-healing.  Such denial
dethrones demonstration, baffles the student of Mind-healing,
and divorces his work from Science.  Such denial
also contradicts the doctrine that we must mentally
struggle against both evil and disease, and is like saying
that five times ten are fifty while ten times five are not
fifty; as if the multiplication of the same two numbers
would not yield the same product whichever might serve
as the multiplicand.
   Who would tell another of a crime that he himself is
committing, or call public attention to that crime?  The
belief in evil and in the process of evil, holds the issues

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of death to the evil-doer.  It takes away a man's proper
sense of good, and gives him a false sense of both evil
and good.  It inflames envy, passion, evil-speaking, and
strife.  It reverses Christian Science in all things.  It
causes the victim to believe that he is advancing while
injuring himself and others.  This state of false consciousness
in many cases causes the victim great physical suffering;
and conviction of his wrong state of feeling reforms
him, and so heals him:  or, failing of conviction and reform,
he becomes morally paralyzed - in other words,
a moral idiot.
   In this state of misled consciousness, one is ready to
listen complacently to audible falsehoods that once he
would have resisted and loathed; and this, because the
false seems true.  The malicious mental argument and
its action on the mind of the perpetrator, is fatal, morally
and physically.  From the effects of mental malpractice
the subject scarcely awakes in time, and must suffer its
full penalty after death.  This sin against divine Science
is cancelled only through human agony:  the measure it
has meted must be remeasured to it.
   The crimes committed under this new regime of mind-power,
when brought to light, will make stout hearts quail.
Its mystery protects it now, for it is not yet known.  Error
is more abstract than Truth.  Even the healing Principle,
whose power seems inexplicable, is not so obscure; for
this is the power of God, and good should seem more
natural than evil.
   I shall not forget the cost of investigating, for this age,
the methods and power of error.  While the ways, means,
and potency of Truth had flowed into my consciousness
as easily as dawns the morning light and shadows flee,

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the metaphysical mystery of error - its hidden paths,
purpose, and fruits - at first defied me.  I was saying
all the time, "Come not thou into the secret" -
but at length took up the research according to God's
   Streams which purify, necessarily have pure fountains;
while impure streams flow from corrupt sources.  Here,
divine light, logic, and revelation coincide.
   Science proves, beyond cavil, that the tree is known
by its fruit; that mind reaches its own ideal, and cannot
be separated from it.  I respect that moral sense which
is sufficiently strong to discern what it believes, and to say,
if it must, "I discredit Mind with having the power to
heal."  This individual disbelieves in Mind-healing, and
is consistent.  But, alas! for the mistake of believing in
mental healing, claiming full faith in the divine Principle,

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