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since those bringing them do not understand my statement
of the Science I introduce, and are unwilling to be
taught it, even gratuitously.  If they did understand it, they
could demonstrate this Science by healing the sick; hence
the injustice of their interpretations.
   To many, the healing force developed by Christian
Science seems a mystery, because they do not understand
that Spirit controls body.  They acknowledge the existence
of mortal mind, but believe it to reside in matter
of the brain; but that man is the idea of infinite Mind,
is not so easily accepted.  That which is temporary
seems, to the common estimate, solid and substantial.
It is much easier for people to believe that the body
affects mind, than that the body is an expression of
mind, and reflects harmony or discord according to
   Everything that God created, He pronounced good.
He never made sickness.  Hence that is only an evil belief
of mortal mind, which must be met, in every instance,
with a denial by Truth.

MISC 248

   This is the "new tongue," the language of them that
"lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover," whose
spiritual interpretation they refuse to hear.  For instance:
the literal meaning of the passage "lay hands on the sick"
would be manipulation; its moral meaning, found in the
"new tongue," is spiritual power, - as, in another Scripture,
"I will triumph in the works of Thy hands."

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