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   The Greeks showed a just estimate of the person they
called slanderer, when they made the word synonymous
with devil.  If the simple falsehoods uttered about me
were compounded, the mixture would be labelled thus:
"Religionists' mistaken views of Mrs. Eddy's book, 'Science
and Health with Key to the Scriptures,' and the
malice aforethought of sinners."
   That I take opium; that I am an infidel, a mesmerist,
a medium, a "pantheist;" or that my hourly life is prayerless,
or not in strict obedience to the Mosaic Decalogue,  -
is not more true than that I am dead, as is oft reported.
The St. Louis Democrat is alleged to have reported my
demise, and to have said that I died of poison, and bequeathed
my property to Susan Anthony.
   The opium falsehood has only this to it:  Many years
ago my regular physician prescribed morphine, which I
took, when he could do no more for me.  Afterwards,
the glorious revelations of Christian Science saved me
from that necessity and made me well, since which time
I have not taken drugs, with the following exception:
When the mental malpractice of poisoning people was

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first undertaken by a mesmerist, to test that malpractice
I experimented by taking some large doses of morphine,
to see if Christian Science could not obviate its
effect; and I say with tearful thanks, "The drug had
no effect upon me whatever."  The hour has struck,
- "If they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt
   The false report that I have appropriated other people's
manuscripts in my works, has been met and answered
legally.  Both in private and public life, and especially
through my teachings, it is well known that I am not a
spiritualist, a pantheist, or prayerless.  The most devout
members of evangelical churches will say this, as well as
my intimate acquaintances.  None are permitted to remain
in my College building whose morals are not
unquestionable.  I have neither purchased nor ordered a
drug since my residence in Boston; and to my knowledge,
not one has been sent to my house, unless it was something
to remove stains or vermin.
   The report that I was dead arose no doubt from the
combined efforts of some malignant students, expelled
from my College for immorality, to kill me:  of their mental
design to do this I have proof, but no fear.  My heavenly
Father will never leave me comfortless, in the amplitude
of His love; coming nearer in my need, more tenderly to
save and bless.

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