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   The spiritual elevator of the human race, physically,
morally, and Christianly, is the truism that Truth demonstrates
good, and is natural; while error, or evil,
is really non-existent, and must have produced its own
illusion, - for it belongs not to nature nor to God.  Truth
is the power of God which heals the sick and the sinner,
and is applicable to all the needs of man.  It is the universal,

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intelligent Christ-idea illustrated by the life of
Jesus, through whose "stripes we are healed."  By conflicts,
defeats, and triumphs, Christian Science has been
reduced to the understanding of mortals, and found able
to heal them.
   Pagan mysticism, Grecian philosophy, or Jewish religion,
never entered into the line of Jesus' thought or
action.  His faith partook not of drugs, matter, nor of
the travesties of mortal mind.  The divine Mind was
his only instrumentality and potency, in religion or
medicine.  The Principle of his cure was God, in the laws
of Spirit, not of matter; and these laws annulled all other
   Jesus knew that erring mortal thought holds only in
itself the supposition of evil, and that sin, sickness, and
death are its subjective states; also, that pure Mind is
the truth of being that subjugates and destroys any suppositional
or elementary opposite to Him who is All.
   Truth is supreme and omnipotent.  Then, whatever
else seemeth to be intelligence or power is false, deluding
reason and denying revelation, and seeking to dethrone
Deity.  The truth of Mind-healing uplifts mankind, by
acknowledging pure Mind as absolute and entire, and
that evil is naught, although it seems to be.
   Pure Mind gives out an atmosphere that heals and
saves.  Words are not always the auxiliaries of Truth.
The spirit, and not the letter, performs the vital functions
of Truth and Love.  Mind, imbued with this Science
of healing, is a law unto itself, needing neither license
nor prohibition; but lawless mind, with unseen motives,
and silent mental methods whereby it may injure the
race, is the highest attenuation of evil.

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   Again:  evil, as mind, is doomed, already sentenced,
punished; for suffering is commensurate with evil, and
lasts as long as the evil.  As mind, evil finds no escape
from itself; and the sin and suffering it occasions can
only be removed by reformation.
   According to divine law, sin and suffering are not
cancelled by repentance or pardon.  Christian Science
not only elucidates but demonstrates this verity of being;
namely, that mortals suffer from the wrong they
commit, whether intentionally or ignorantly; that every
effect and amplification of wrong will revert to the wrongdoer,
until he pays his full debt to divine law, and the
measure he has meted is measured to him again, full,
pressed down, and running over.  Surely "the way of
the transgressor is hard."
   In this law of justice, the atonement of Christ loses
no efficacy.  Justice is the handmaid of mercy, and showeth
mercy by punishing sin.  Jesus said, "I came not to
destroy the law," - the divine requirements typified in
the law of Moses, - "but to fulfil it" in righteousness,
by Truth's destroying error.  No greater type of divine
Love can be presented than effecting so glorious a purpose.
This spirit of sacrifice always has saved, and still saves
mankind; but by mankind I mean mortals, or a kind
of men after man's own making.  Man as God's idea
is already saved with an everlasting salvation.  It is impossible

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