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in premise can never bring forth the real fruits of Truth.
After thoroughly explaining spiritual Truth and its ethics
to a student, I am not morally responsible for the misstatements
or misconduct of this student.  My teachings
are uniform.  Those who abide by them do well.  If
others, who receive the same instruction, do ill, the fault
is not in the culture but the soil.
   I am constantly called to settle questions and disaffections
toward Christian Science growing out of the
departures from Science of self-satisfied, unprincipled
students.  If impatient of the loving rebuke, the student
must stop at the foot of the grand ascent, and there
remain until suffering compels the downfall of his

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self-conceit.  Then that student must struggle up, with bleeding
footprints, to the God-crowned summit of unselfish
and pure aims and affections.
   To be two-sided, when these sides are moral opposites,
is neither politic nor scientific; and to abridge a
single human right or privilege is an error.  Whoever
does this may represent me as doing it; but he mistakes
me, and the subjective state of his own mind for mine.
   The true leader of a true cause is the unacknowledged
servant of mankind.  Stationary in the background, this
individual is doing the work that nobody else can or will
do.  An erratic career is like the comet's course, dashing
through space, headlong and alone.  A clear-headed
and honest Christian Scientist will demonstrate the Principle
of Christian Science, and hold justice and mercy as
inseparable from the unity of God.

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