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   Homoeopathy is the last link in material medicine.
The next step is Mind-medicine.  Among the foremost

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virtues of homoeopathy is the exclusion of compounds
from its pharmacy, and the attenuation of a drug up to
the point of its disappearance as matter and its manifestation
in effect as a thought, instead of a thing.
   Students of Christian Science (and many who are not
students) understand enough of this to keep out of their
heads the notion that compounded metaphysics (so-called)
is, or can be, Christian Science, - that rests on oneness;
one cause and one effect.
   They should take our magazine, work for it, write for
it, and read it.  They should eschew all magazines and
books which are less than the best.
   "Choose you this day whom ye will serve."  Cleanse
your mind of the cobwebs which spurious "compounds"
engender.  Before considering a subject that is unworthy
of thought, take in this axiomatic truism: "Trust her
not, she's fooling thee;" and Longfellow is right.

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