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Metaphysical College, and I cannot do my best
work for a class which contains that number.  When
these were taught, another and a larger number would
be in waiting for the same class instruction; and if I
should teach that Primary class, the other three classes
- one Primary and two Normal - would be delayed.
The work is more than one person can well accomplish,
and the imperative call is for my exclusive teaching.

MISC 274

   From the scant history of Jesus and of his disciples,
we have no Biblical authority for a public institution.
This point, however, had not impressed me when I opened
my College.  I desire to revise my book "Science and
Health with Key to the Scriptures," and in order to do
this I must stop teaching at present.  The work that
needs to be done, and which God calls me to outside
of College work, if left undone might hinder the progress
of our Cause more than my teaching would advance it:
therefore I leave all for Christ.
   Deeply regretting the disappointment this will occasion,
and with grateful acknowledgments to the public
for its liberal patronage, I close my College.
                                        MARY BAKER G. EDDY

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