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Truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.-Isaiah lix.14.

   When the press is gagged, liberty is besieged; but
when the press assumes the liberty to lie, it discounts
clemency, mocks morality, outrages humanity, breaks
common law, gives impulse to violence, envy, and hate,
and prolongs the reign of inordinate, unprincipled clans.
At this period, 1888, those quill-drivers whose consciences
are in their pockets hold high carnival.  When news-dealers
shout for class legislation, and decapitated reputations,
headless trunks, and quivering hearts are held up
before the rabble in exchange for money, place, and
power, the vox populi is suffocated, individual rights
are trodden under foot, and the car of the modern Inquisition
rolls along the streets besmeared with blood.

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Would not our Master say to the chief actors in scenes
like these, "Ye fools and blind!"  Oh, tardy human
justice! would you take away even woman's trembling,
clinging faith in divine power?  Who can roll away the
stone from the door of this sepulchre?  Who - but God's
avenging angel!
   In times like these it were well to lift the veil on the
sackcloth of home, where weepeth the faithful, stricken
mother, and the bruised father bendeth his aching head;
where the bereft wife or husband, silent and alone, looks
in dull despair at the vacant seat, and the motherless
little ones, wondering, huddle together, and repeat with
quivering lips words of strange import.  May the great
Shepherd that "tempers the wind to the shorn lamb,"
and binds up the wounds of bleeding hearts, just comfort,
encourage, and bless all who mourn.
   Father, we thank Thee that Thy light and Thy love
reach earth, open the prison to them that are bound, console
the innocent, and throw wide the gates of heaven.

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