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in times of hate, and never so near as when one can be
just amid lawlessness, and render good for evil.
   I thunder His law to the sinner, and sharply lighten
on the cloud of the intoxicated senses.  I cannot help
loathing the phenomena of drunkenness produced by
animality.  I rebuke it wherever I see it.  The vision

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of the Revelator is before me.  The wines of fornication,
envy, and hatred are the distilled spirits of evil,
and are the signs of these times; but I am not dismayed,
and my peace returns unto me.
   Error will hate more as it realizes more the presence
of its tormentor.  I shall fulfil my mission, fight the good
fight, and keep the faith.
   There is great joy in this consciousness, that throughout
my labors, and in my history as connected with the
Cause of Christian Science, it can be proven that I have
never given occasion for a single censure, when my motives
and acts are understood and seen as my Father
seeth them.  I once wondered at the Scriptural declaration
that Job sinned not in all he said, even when he cursed
the hour of his birth; but I have learned that a curse on
sin is always a blessing to the human race.
   Those only who are tried in the furnace reflect the
image of their Father.  You, my beloved students, who
are absent from me, and have shared less of my labors
than many others, seem stronger to resist temptation
than some of those who have had line upon line and
precept upon precept.  This may be a serviceable hint,
since necessities and God's providence are foreshadowed.
I have felt for some time that perpetual instruction of
my students might substitute my own for their growth,
and so dwarf their experience.  If they must learn by
the things they suffer, the sooner this lesson is gained
the better.
   For two years I have been gradually withdrawing from
active membership in the Christian Scientist Association.
This has developed higher energies on the part of true
followers, and led to some startling departures on the

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other hand.  "Offenses will come:  but woe unto him,
through whom they come."
   Why does not the certainty of individual punishment
for sin prevent the wrong action?  It is the love of God,
and not the fear of evil, that is the incentive in Science.
I rejoice with those who rejoice, and am too apt to weep
with those who weep, but over and above it all are eternal
sunshine and joy unspeakable.

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