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   This question is often proposed, How shall I treat
malicious animal magnetism?  The hour has passed for
this evil to be treated personally, but it should have been
so dealt with at the outset.  Christian Scientists should
have gone personally to the malpractitioner and told
him his fault, and vindicated divine Truth and Love
against human error and hate.  This growing sin must
now be dealt with as evil, and not as an evil-doer or
personality.  It must also be remembered that neither an evil
claim nor an evil person is real, hence is neither to be
feared nor honored.
   Evil is not something to fear and flee before, or that
becomes more real when it is grappled with.  Evil let
alone grows more real, aggressive, and enlarges its claims;
but, met with Science, it can and will be mastered by
   I deprecate personal animosities and quarrels.  But if
one is intrusted with the rules of church government, to
fulfil that trust those rules must be carried out; thus it
is with all moral obligations.  I am opposed to all personal

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attacks, and in favor of combating evil only, rather than
   An edition of one thousand pamphlets I ordered to
be laid away and not one of them circulated, because I
had been personal in condemnation.  Afterwards, by a
blunder of the gentleman who fills orders for my books,
some of these pamphlets were mistaken for the corrected
edition, and sold.
   Love is the fulfilling of the law.  Human life is too
short for foibles or failures.  The Christian Science Journal
will hold high the banner of Truth and Love, and be
impartial and impersonal in its tenor and tenets.

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