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   It was about the year 1875 that Science and Health
first crossed swords with free-love, and the latter fell hors
de combat; but the whole warfare of sensuality was not
then ended.  Science and Health, the book that cast the
first stone, is still at work, deep down in human consciousness,
laying the axe at the root of error.
   We have taken the precaution to write briefly on marriage,
showing its relation to Christian Science.  In the
present or future, some extra throe of error may conjure
up a new-style conjugality, which, ad libitum, severs the
marriage covenant, puts virtue in the shambles, and
coolly notifies the public of broken vows.  Springing
up from the ashes of free-love, this nondescript phoenix,
in the face and eyes of common law, common sense, and
common honesty, may appear in the role of a superfine
conjugality; but, having no Truth, it will have no past,
present, or future.

MISC 286:
   The above prophecy, written years ago, has already
been fulfilled.  It is seen in Christian Science that the
gospel of marriage is not without the law, and the solemn
vow of fidelity, "until death do us part;" this verity in
human economy can neither be obscured nor throttled.
Until time matures human growth, marriage and progeny
will continue unprohibited in Christian Science.  We look
to future generations for ability to comply with absolute
Science, when marriage shall be found to be man's oneness
with God, - the unity of eternal Love.  At present,
more spiritual conception and education of children will
serve to illustrate the superiority of spiritual power over
sensuous, and usher in the dawn of God's creation,
wherein they neither marry nor are given in marriage,
but are as the angels.  To abolish marriage at this period,
and maintain morality and generation, would put ingenuity
to ludicrous shifts; yet this is possible in Science,
although it is to-day problematic.
   The time cometh, and now is, for spiritual and eternal
existence to be recognized and understood in Science.
All is Mind.  Human procreation, birth, life, and death
are subjective states of the human erring mind; they
are the phenomena of mortality, nothingness, that illustrate
mortal mind and body as one, and neither real nor
   It should be understood that Spirit, God, is the only
creator:  we should recognize this verity of being, and
shut out all sense of other claims.  Until this absolute
Science of being is seen, understood, and demonstrated
in the offspring of divine Mind, and man is perfect even
as the Father is perfect, human speculation will go on,
and stop at length at the spiritual ultimate:  creation

MISC 287

understood as the most exalted divine conception.  The
offspring of an improved generation, however, will go out
before the forever fact that man is eternal and has no
human origin.  Hence the Scripture: "It is He that hath
made us, and not we ourselves;" and the Master's demand,
"Call no man your father upon the earth:  for one
is your Father, which is in heaven."
   To an ill-attuned ear, discord is harmony; so personal
sense, discerning not the legitimate affection of Soul,
may place love on a false basis and thereby lose it.  Science
corrects this error with the truth of Love, and restores
lost Eden.  Soul is the infinite source of bliss:  only high
and holy joy can satisfy immortal cravings.  The good
in human affections should preponderate over the evil,

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