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and the spiritual over the animal, - until progress lifts
mortals to discern the Science of mental formation and
find the highway of holiness.
   In the order of wisdom, the higher nature of man
governs the lower.  This lays the foundations of human
affection in line with progress, giving them strength and
   When asked by a wife or a husband important questions
concerning their happiness, the substance of my reply
is:  God will guide you.  Be faithful over home relations;
they lead to higher joys:  obey the Golden Rule
for human life, and it will spare you much bitterness.
It is pleasanter to do right than wrong; it makes one
ruler over one's self and hallows home, - which is woman's
world.  Please your husband, and he will be apt to please
you; preserve affection on both sides.
   Great mischief comes from attempts to steady other
people's altars, venturing on valor without discretion,

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which is virtually meddlesomeness.  Even your sincere
and courageous convictions regarding what is best for
others may be mistaken; you must be demonstratively
right yourself, and work out the greatest good to the
greatest number, before you are sure of being a fit
counsellor.  Positive and imperative thoughts should be dropped
into the balances of God and weighed by spiritual Love,
and not be found wanting, before being put into action.
A rash conclusion that regards only one side of a question,
is weak and wicked; this error works out the results
of error.  If the premise of mortal existence is wrong,
any conclusion drawn therefrom is not absolutely right.
Wisdom in human action begins with what is nearest
right under the circumstances, and thence achieves the
   Is marriage nearer right than celibacy?
   Human knowledge inculcates that it is, while Science
indicates that it is not.  But to force the consciousness
of scientific being before it is understood is impossible,
and believing otherwise would prevent scientific
demonstration.  To reckon the universal cost and gain, as well
as thine own, is right in every state and stage of being.
The selfish role of a martyr is the shift of a dishonest
mind, nothing short of self-seeking; and real suffering
would stop the farce.
   The cause of temperance receives a strong impulse
from the cause of Christian Science:  temperance and
truth are allies, and their cause prospers in proportion
to the spirit of Love that nerves the struggle.  People
will differ in their opinions as to means to promote the
ends of temperance; that is, abstinence from intoxicating
beverages.  Whatever intoxicates a man, stultifies

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and causes him to degenerate physically and morally.
Strong drink is unquestionably an evil, and evil cannot
be used temperately:  its slightest use is abuse; hence
the only temperance is total abstinence.  Drunkenness
is sensuality let loose, in whatever form it is made
   What is evil?  It is suppositional absence of good.
From a human standpoint of good, mortals must first
choose between evils, and of two evils choose the less;
and at present the application of scientific rules to human
life seems to rest on this basis.
   All partnerships are formed on agreements to certain
compacts:  each party voluntarily surrenders independent
action to act as a whole and per agreement.  This
fact should be duly considered when by the marriage
contract two are made one, and, according to the divine
precept, "they twain shall be one flesh."  Oneness in
spirit is Science, compatible with home and heaven.

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