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   The divinity of St. John's Gospel brings to view overwhelming
tides of revelation, and its spirit is baptismal;
he chronicles this teaching, "A new commandment I
give unto you, That ye love one another."
   Jesus, who so loved the world that he gave his life
(in the flesh) for it, saw that Love had a new commandment
even for him.  What was it?
   It must have been a rare revelation of infinite Love, a
new tone on the scale ascending, such as eternity is ever
sounding.  Could I impart to the student the higher
sense I entertain of Love, it would partly illustrate the
divine energy that brings to human weakness might and
majesty.  Divine Love eventually causes mortals to turn
away from the open sepulchres of sin, and look no more
into them as realities.  It calls loudly on them to bury
the dead out of sight; to forgive and forget whatever is
unlike the risen, immortal Love; and to shut out all opposite
sense.  Christ enjoins it upon man to help those
who know not what he is doing in their behalf, and therefore
curse him; enjoins taking them by the hand and
leading them, if possible, to Christ, by loving words and
deeds.  Charity thus serves as admonition and instruction,
and works out the purposes of Love.
   Christian Science, full of grace and truth, is accomplishing
great good, both seen and unseen; but have
mortals, with the penetration of Soul, searched the secret
chambers of sense?  I never knew a student who fully
understood my instructions on this point of handling
evil, - as to just how this should be done, - and carried

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out my ideal.  It is safe not to teach prematurely the
infant thought in Christian Science - just breathing new
Life and Love - all the claims and modes of evil; therefore
it is best to leave the righteous unfolding of error
(as a general rule) alone, and to the special care of the
unerring modes of divine wisdom.  This uncovering and
punishing of sin must, will come, at some date, to the
rescue of humanity.  The teacher of divine metaphysics
should impart to his students the general knowledge that
he has gained from instruction, observation, and mental
   Experience weighs in the scales of God the sense and
power of Truth against the opposite claims of error.
If spiritual sense is not dominant in a student, he will
not understand all your instructions; and if evil dominates
his character, he will pervert the rules of Christian
Science, and the last error will be worse than the first -
inasmuch as wilful transgression brings greater torment
than ignorance.

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