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   The sum total of Love reflected is exemplified, and
includes the whole duty of man: Truth perverted, in
belief, becomes the creator of the claim of error.  To
affirm mentally and audibly that God is All and there is
no sickness and no sin, makes mortals either saints or
   Truth talked and not lived, rolls on the human heart
a stone; consigns sensibility to the charnel-house of sensuality,
ease, self-love, self-justification, there to moulder
and rot.

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   The noblest work of God is man in the image of his
Maker; the last infirmity of evil is so-called man, swayed
by the maelstrom of human passions, elbowing the concepts
of his own creating, making place for himself and
displacing his fellows.
   A real Christian Scientist is a marvel, a miracle in the
universe of mortal mind.  With selfless love, he inscribes
on the heart of humanity and transcribes on the page
of reality the living, palpable presence - the might and
majesty! - of goodness.  He lives for all mankind, and
honors his creator.
   The vice versa of this man is sometimes called a
man, but he is a small animal:  a hived bee, with sting
ready for each kind touch, he makes honey out of
the flowers of human hearts and hides it in his cell of
   O friendly hand! keep back thy offerings from asps
and apes, from wolves in sheep's clothing and all ravening
beasts.  Love such specimens of mortality just enough
to reform and transform them, - if it be possible, -
and then, look out for their stings, and jaws, and claws;
but thank God and take courage, - that you desire to
help even such as these.

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