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Each member of the society is asked to contribute one
cent to be fused into the bell, and twenty-five cents to
pay for it.  She is also asked to collect two dollars from
others, in pennies, if possible, and send with the amount
the name of each contributor.  In order that the bell
shall be cast April 30th, the anniversary of the inauguration
of George Washington as the first President of
the United States, we ask every one receiving this circular
to act at once.

MISC 306

   In forwarding material to be melted into the bell, please
send fullest historical description.  This will be entered
carefully in a book which will accompany the bell wherever
it goes.
   . . . As the motto has not yet been decided upon, any
ideas on that subject will be gratefully received; we will
also welcome suggestions of events to be celebrated and
names to be commemorated.
                                        Very cordially yours,
                                        Mary Desha,
                                        ex-Vice-President General, D.A.R.

   Contributions should be sent to the Liberty National
Bank, corner Liberty and West Streets, New York, and
a duplicate letter written, as a notification of the same,
to Miss Mary Desha, 1505 Penna. Ave., Washington,
D. C., or to Miss Minnie F. Mickley, Mickleys, Pa.
   We would add, as being of interest, that Mrs. Eddy is
a member of the above organization, having been made
such by the special request of the late Mrs. Harrison,
wife of the ex-President, who was at that time the President
thereof. - Ed.

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