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Christ, or Son of God, the true idea of man's divine
   I warn students against falling into the error of
anti-Christ.  The consciousness of corporeality, and whatever
is connected therewith, must be outgrown.  Corporeal
falsities include all obstacles to health, holiness, and
heaven.  Man's individual life is infinitely above a
bodily form of existence, and the human concept antagonizes
the divine.  "Science and Health with Key
to the Scriptures," on page 229, third and fourth paragraphs,
elucidates this topic.*1

*1 See the revised edition of 1890, or page 334:10-30 in current editions.

   My Christmas poem and its illustrations are not a
textbook.  Scientists sometimes take things too intensely.
Let them soberly adhere to the Bible and Science and
Health, which contain all and much more than they
have yet learned.  We should prohibit ourselves the

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childish pleasure of studying Truth through the senses,
for this is neither the intent of my works nor possible
in Science.
   Even the teachings of Jesus would be misused by substituting
personality for the Christ, or the impersonal
form of Truth, amplified in this age by the discovery of
Christian Science.  To impersonalize scientifically the
material sense of existence - rather than cling to personality
- is the lesson of to-day.

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