Miscellaneous Writings (1883-1896) by Mary Baker Eddy
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   Editor of The Christian Science Journal: - Permit me
to say that your editorial in the August number is par
   It is a digest of good manners, morals, methods, and
means.  It points to the scientific spiritual molecule,
pearl, and pinnacle, that everybody needs.  May the
Christlikeness it reflects rest on the dear readers, and
throw the light of penetration on the page; even as the
dawn, kindling its glories in the east, lightens earth's
   I thank the contributors to The Christian Science
Journal for their jewels of thought, so adapted to the
hour, and without ill-humor or hyperbolic tumor.  I
was impressed by the articles entitled "The New Pastor,"
by Rev. Lanson P. Norcross, "The Lamp," by
Walter Church, "The Temptation," a poem by J. J.
Rome, etc.
   The field waves its white ensign, the reapers are strong,
the rich sheaves are ripe, the storehouse is ready:  pray
ye therefore the God of harvest to send forth more
laborers of the excellent sort, and garner the supplies
for a world.

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