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full of good odor, and cause them to wait patiently
on God for man's rich heritage, - "dominion over all
the earth"?  Thus abiding in Truth, the warmth and
sunlight of prayer and praise and understanding will
ripen the fruits of Spirit, and goodness will have its springtide
of freedom and greatness.
   When the white-winged dove feeds her callow brood,
nestles them under her wings, and, in tones tremulous
with tenderness, calls them to her breast, do mortals
remember their cradle hymns, and thank God for those
redemptive words from a mother's lips which taught
them the Lord's Prayer?

       O gentle presence, peace and joy and power;
       O Life divine, that owns each waiting hour;
       Thou Love that guards the nestling's faltering flight!
       Keep Thou my child on upward wing to-night.

   Midst the falling leaves of old-time faiths, above the
frozen crust of creed and dogma, the divine Mind-force,
filling all space and having all power, upheaves the earth.
In sacred solitude divine Science evolved nature as thought,
and thought as things.  This supreme potential Principle
reigns in the realm of the real, and is "God with us,"
the I AM.
   As mortals awake from their dream of material sensation,
this adorable, all-inclusive God, and all earth's
hieroglyphics of Love, are understood; and infinite Mind

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is seen kindling the stars, rolling the worlds, reflecting
all space and Life, - but not life in matter.  Wisely
governing, informing the universe, this Mind is Truth, -
not laws of matter.  Infinitely just, merciful, and wise,
this Mind is Love, - but not fallible love.
   Spring is here! and doors that closed on Christian
Science in "the long winter of our discontent," are open
flung.  Its seedtime has come to enrich earth and enrobe
man in righteousness; may its sober-suited autumn
follow with hues of heaven, ripened sheaves, and harvest

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