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   In the allegory of Genesis, third chapter and ninth
verse, two mortals, walking in the cool of the day midst
the stately palms, many-hued blossoms, perfume-laden
breezes, and crystal streams of the Orient, pondered the
things of man and God.
   A sense of evil is supposed to have spoken, been listened
to, and afterwards to have formed an evil sense that
blinded the eyes of reason, masked with deformity the
glories of revelation, and shamed the face of mortals.
   What was this sense?  Error versus Truth:  first, a
supposition; second, a false belief; third, suffering;
fourth, death.
   Is man the supposer, false believer, sufferer?
   Not man, but a mortal - the antipode of immortal
man.  Supposing, false believing, suffering are not faculties
of Mind, but are qualities of error.
   The supposition is, that God and His idea are not all-power;
that there is something besides Him; that this

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something is intelligent matter; that sin - yea, selfhood
- is apart from God, where pleasure and pain,
good and evil, life and death, commingle, and are forever
at strife; even that every ray of Truth, of infinity,
omnipotence, omnipresence, goodness, could be absorbed
in error!  God cannot be obscured, and this renders error
a palpable falsity, yea, nothingness; on the basis that
black is not a color because it absorbs all the rays of
   The "Alpha and Omega" of Christian Science voices
this question:  Where do we hold intelligence to be?  Is
it in both evil and good, in matter as well as Spirit?
If so, we are literally and practically denying that God,
good, is supreme, all power and presence, and are turning
away from the only living and true God, to "lords
many and gods many."
   Where art thou, O mortal! who turnest away from
the divine source of being, - calling on matter to work
out the problem of Mind, to aid in understanding and
securing the sweet harmonies of Spirit that relate to the
universe, including man?
   Paul asked: "What communion hath light with
darkness?  And what concord hath Christ with Belial?"  The
worshippers of Baal worshipped the sun.  They believed
that something besides God had authority and power,
could heal and bless; that God wrought through matter
- by means of that which does not reflect Him in a single
quality or quantity! - the grand realities of Mind, thus
to exemplify the power of Truth and Love.
   The ancient Chaldee hung his destiny out upon the
heavens; but ancient or modern Christians, instructed in
divine Science, know that the prophet better understood

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Him who said: "He doeth according to His will in the
army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth;
and none can stay His hand, or say unto Him, What doest
   Astrology is well in its place, but this place is
secondary.  Necromancy has no foundation, - in fact, no
intelligence; and the belief that it has, deceives itself.
Whatever simulates power and Truth in matter, does this
as a lie declaring itself, that mortals' faith in matter may
have the effect of power; but when the whole fabrication
is found to be a lie, away goes all its supposed power and
   Why do Christian Scientists treat disease as disease,
since there is no disease?
   This is done only as one gives the lie to a lie; because
it is a lie, without one word of Truth in it.  You must
find error to be nothing:  then, and only then, do you

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