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effect on an individual in a proper state of mind.
   I have by no means encouraged students of the Massachusetts
Metaphysical College to enter medical schools,
and afterwards denied this and objected to their entering
those schools.  A student who consulted me on this subject,

MISC 349

received my consent and even the offer of pecuniary
assistance to take lessons outside of my College, provided
he received these lessons of a certain regular-school physician,
whose instructions included about twelve lessons,
three weeks' time, and the surgical part of midwifery.  I
have students with the degree of M. D., who are skilful
obstetricians.  Such a course with such a teacher would
not necessitate essential materialization of a student's
thought, nor detract from the metaphysical mode of
obstetrics taught in my College.
   This student had taken the above-named course in
obstetrics when he consulted me on the feasibility of entering
a medical school; and to this I objected on the ground
that it was inconsistent with Christian Science, which he
claimed to be practising; but I was willing, and said
so, that, notwithstanding my objection, he should do as
he deemed best, for I claim no jurisdiction over any
students.  He entered the medical school, and several other
students with him.  My counsel to all of them was in
substance the same as the foregoing, and some of these
students have openly acknowledged this.
   In answer to a question on the following subject, I
will state that I preached four years, and built up the
church, before I would accept the slightest remuneration.
When the church had sufficient members and means to
pay a salary, and refused to give me up or to receive my
gratuitous services, I accepted, for a time, fifteen dollars
each Sunday when I preached.  I never received more
than this; and the contributions, when I preached,
doubled that amount.  I have accepted no pay from my
church for about three years, and believe that I have
put into the church-fund about two thousand dollars of

MISC 350

my own contributions.  I hold receipts for $1,489.50 paid
in, and the balance was never receipted for.
   I temporarily organized a secret society known as the
P. M., the workings whereof were not "terrible and too
shocking to relate."  By and with advice of the very
student who brings up the question of this society, it
was formed.  The P. M. (Private Meeting) Society met
only twice.  The first subject given out for consideration
was this: "There is no Animal Magnetism."  There
was no advice given, no mental work, and there were
no transactions at those meetings which I would hesitate
to have known.  On the contrary, our deliberations
were, as usual, Christian, and like my public instruction.
The second P. M. convened in about one week from the
first.  The subject given out at that meeting was, in substance,
"God is All; there is none beside Him."  This
proved to be our last meeting.  I dissolved the society,
and we have not met since.  If harm could come from
the consideration of these two topics, it was because of
the misconception of those subjects in the mind that
handled them.  An individual state of mind sometimes
occasions effects on patients which are not in harmony
with Science and the soundness of the argument used.
Hence it prevents the normal action, and the benefit that
would otherwise accrue.
   I issue no arguments, and cause none to be used in
mental practice, which consign people to suffering.  On
the contrary, I cannot serve two masters; therefore I
teach the use of such arguments only as promote health
and spiritual growth.  My life, consecrated to humanity

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