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for instance, intelligent matter, or mortal mind, material
birth, growth, and decay:  they are the forever-existing
realities of divine Science; wherein God and man are
perfect, and man's reason is at rest in God's wisdom, -
who comprehends and reflects all real mode, form, individuality,
   Scholastic dogma has made men blind.  Christ's logos
gives sight to these blind, ears to these deaf, feet to these
lame, - physically, morally, spiritually.  Theologians
make the mortal mistake of believing that God, having
made all, made evil; but the Scriptures declare that all
that He made was good.  Then, was evil part and parcel
of His creation?
   Philosophy hypothetically regards creation as its own
creator, puts cause into effect, and out of nothing would
create something, whose noumenon is mortal mind,
with its phenomenon matter, - an evil mind already
doomed, whose modes are material manifestations of
evil, and that continually, until self-extinguished by
   Here revelation must come to the rescue of mortals,
to remove this mental millstone that is dragging them
downward, and refute erring reason with the spiritual
cosmos and Science of Soul.  We all must find shelter
from the storm and tempest in the tabernacle of Spirit.
Truth is won through Science or suffering:  O vain mortals!
which shall it be?  And suffering has no reward,
except when it is necessary to prevent sin or reform
the sinner.  And pleasure is no crime except when it
strengthens the influence of bad inclinations or lessens
the activities of virtue.  The more nearly an erring so-called

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mind approaches purity, the more conscious it
becomes of its own unreality, and of the great reality of
divine Mind and true happiness.
   The "ego" that claims selfhood in error, and passes
from molecule and monkey up to man, is no ego, but is
simply the supposition that the absence of good is mind
and makes men, - when its greatest flatterer, identification,
is piqued by Him who compensateth vanity with
nothingness, dust with dust!
   The mythology of evil and mortality is but the material
mode of a suppositional mind; while the immortal
modes of Mind are spiritual, and pass through none of
the changes of matter, or evil.  Truth said, and said from
the beginning, "Let us pirit] make man perfect;" and
there is no other Maker:  a perfect man would not desire
to make himself imperfect, and God is not chargeable
with imperfection.  His modes declare the beauty of holiness,
and His manifold wisdom shines through the visible
world in glimpses of the eternal verities.  Even through
the mists of mortality is seen the brightness of His
   We must avoid the shoals of a sensual religion or
philosophy that misguides reason and affection, and
hold fast to the Principle of Christian Science as the
Word that is God, Spirit, and Truth.  This Word corrects
the philosopher, confutes the astronomer, exposes
the subtle sophist, and drives diviners mad.  The Bible
is the learned man's masterpiece, the ignorant man's
dictionary, the wise man's directory.
   I foresee and foresay that every advancing epoch of
Truth will be characterized by a more spiritual apprehension
of the Scriptures, that will show their marked

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consonance with the textbook of Christian Science Mind-healing,
"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."
Interpreting the Word in the "new tongue," whereby
the sick are healed, naturally evokes new paraphrase
from the world of letters.  "Wait patiently on the Lord,
and He will renew your strength."  In return for individual

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