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sacrifice, what a recompense to have healed, through
Truth, the sick and sinful, made the public your friend,
and posterity your familiar!
   Christian Science refutes everything that is not a
postulate of the divine Principle, God.  It is the soul of
divine philosophy, and there is no other philosophy.  It
is not a search after wisdom, it is wisdom:  it is God's
right hand grasping the universe, - all time, space,
immortality, thought, extension, cause, and effect; constituting
and governing all identity, individuality, law,
and power.  It stands on this Scriptural platform:
that He made all that was made, and it is good, reflects
the divine Mind, is governed by it; and that nothing
apart from this Mind, one God, is self-created or evolves
the universe.
   Human hypotheses predicate matter of Spirit and
evil of good; hence these opposites must either cooperate
or quarrel throughout time and eternity, - or until
this impossible partnership is dissolved.  If Spirit is the
lawgiver to matter, and good has the same power or
modes as evil, it has the same consciousness, and there
is no absolute good.  This error, carried to its ultimate,
would either extinguish God and His modes, or give
reality and power to evil ad infinitum.
   Christian Science rends this veil of the temple of gods,
and reproduces the divine philosophy of Jesus and Paul.

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This philosophy alone will bear the strain of time and
bring out the glories of eternity; for "other foundation
can no man lay than that is laid," which is Christ,
   Human theories weighed in the balances of God are
found wanting; and their highest endeavors are to Science
what a child's love of pictures is to art.  The school whose
schoolmaster is not Christ, gets things wrong, and is ignorant
   If Christian Science lacked the proof of its goodness
and utility, it would destroy itself; for it rests alone on
demonstration.  Its genius is right thinking and right
acting, physical and moral harmony; and the secret of
its success lies in supplying the universal need of better
health and better men.
   Good health and a more spiritual religion form the
common want, and this want has worked out a moral
result; namely, that mortal mind is calling for what immortal
Mind alone can supply.  If the uniform moral
and spiritual, as well as physical, effects of divine Science
were lacking, the demand would diminish; but it continues,
and increases, which shows the real value of
Christian Science to the race.  Even doctors agree that
infidelity, bigotry, or sham has never met the growing
wants of humanity.
   As a literature, Christian metaphysics is hampered by
lack of proper terms in which to express what it means.
As a Science, it is held back by the common ignorance
of what it is and of what it does, - and more than all
else, by the impostors that come in its name.  To be
appreciated, it must be conscientiously understood and

MISC 366

   If the Bible and "Science and Health with Key to the
Scriptures" had in our schools the time or attention that
human hypotheses consume, they would advance the
world.  True, it requires more study to understand and
demonstrate what they teach than to learn the doctrine
of theology, philosophy, or physics, because they contain
and offer Science, with fixed Principle, given rule,
and unmistakable proof.
   The Scriptures give the keynote of Christian Science
from Genesis to Revelation, and this is the prolonged
tone: "For the Lord He is God, and there is
none beside Him."  And because He is All-in-all,

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