Miscellaneous Writings (1883-1896) by Mary Baker Eddy
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   Who shall describe the brave splendor of a November
sky that this morning burst through the lattice for me,
on my bed?  According to terrestrial calculations, above
the horizon, in the east, there rose one rod of rainbow
hues, crowned with an acre of eldritch ebony.  Little
by little this topmost pall, drooping over a deeply dazzling
sunlight, softened, grew gray, then gay, and glided
into a glory of mottled marvels.  Fleecy, faint, fairy
blue and golden flecks came out on a background of
cerulean hue; while the lower lines of light kindled into
gold, orange, pink, crimson, violet; and diamond, topaz,
opal, garnet, turquoise, and sapphire spangled the gloom
in celestial space as with the brightness of His glory.
Then thought I, What are we, that He who fashions forever

MISC 377

such forms and hues of heaven, should move our
brush or pen to paint frail fairness or to weave a web
of words that glow with gladdening gleams of God, so
unapproachable, and yet so near and full of radiant relief
in clouds and darkness!

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