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CHAPTER X - Inklings Historic
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patient healed in this age by Christian Science.  I taught
the first student in Christian Science Mind-healing; was
author and publisher of the first books on this subject;
obtained the first charter for the first Christian Science
church, originated its form of government, and was its
first pastor.  I donated to this church the land on which
in 1894 was erected the first church edifice of this denomination
in Boston; obtained the first and only charter
for a metaphysical medical college, - was its first and
only president; was editor and proprietor of the first
Christian Science periodical; organized the first Christian
Scientist Association, wrote its constitution and bylaws,
- as also the constitution and by-laws of the
National Christian Science Association; and gave it
The Christian Science Journal; inaugurated our denominational
form of Sunday services, Sunday School, and
the entire system of teaching and practising Christian
   In 1895 I ordained that the Bible, and "Science and

MISC 383

Health with Key to the Scriptures," the Christian Science
textbook, be the pastor, on this planet, of all the churches
of the Christian Science denomination.  This ordinance
took effect the same year, and met with the universal approval
and support of Christian Scientists.  Whenever
and wherever a church of Christian Science is established,
its pastor is the Bible and my book.
   In 1896 it goes without saying, preeminent over ignorance
or envy, that Christian Science is founded by its
discoverer, and built upon the rock of Christ.  The elements
of earth beat in vain against the immortal parapets
of this Science.  Erect and eternal, it will go on with the
ages, go down the dim posterns of time unharmed, and
on every battle-field rise higher in the estimation of
thinkers and in the hearts of Christians.

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