Miscellaneous Writings (1883-1896) by Mary Baker Eddy
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page 250

       To God; a hope that ever upward yearns,
                          Bowed to His will.

       "Years had passed o'er thy broken household band,
       When angels beckoned me to this bright land,
                          With thee to meet.
       She that has wept o'er thee, kissed my cold brow,
       Rears the sad marble to our memory now,
                          In lone retreat.

       "By the remembrance of her loyal life,
       And parting prayer, I only know my wife,
                          Thy child, shall come -
       Where farewells cloud not o'er our ransomed rest -
       Hither to reap, with all the crowned and blest,
                          Of bliss the sum.

MISC 387

       "When Love's rapt sense the heart-strings gently sweep,
       With joy divinely fair, the high and deep,
                          To call her home,
       She shall mount upward unto purer skies;
       We shall be waiting, in what glad surprise,
                          Our spirits' own!"

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