Miscellaneous Writings (1883-1896) by Mary Baker Eddy
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page 252


       Grave on her monumental pile:
       She won from vice, by virtue's smile,
       Her dazzling crown, her sceptred throne,
       Affection's wreath, a happy home;

       The right to worship deep and pure,
       To bless the orphan, feed the poor;
       Last at the cross to mourn her Lord,
       First at the tomb to hear his word:

       To fold an angel's wings below;
       And hover o'er the couch of woe;
       To nurse the Bethlehem babe so sweet,
       The right to sit at Jesus' feet;

MISC 389

       To form the bud for bursting bloom,
       The hoary head with joy to crown;
       In short, the right to work and pray,
       "To point to heaven and lead the way."

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