Miscellaneous Writings (1883-1896) by Mary Baker Eddy
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   Written on receiving a painting of the Isle

       Isle of beauty, thou art singing
         To my sense a sweet refrain;
       To my busy mem'ry bringing
         Scenes that I would see again.

MISC 393

       Chief, the charm of thy reflecting,
         Is the moral that it brings;
       Nature, with the mind connecting,
         Gives the artist's fancy wings.

       Soul, sublime 'mid human debris,
         Paints the limner's work, I ween,
       Art and Science, all unweary,
         Lighting up this mortal dream.

       Work ill-done within the misty
         Mine of human thoughts, we see
       Soon abandoned when the Master
         Crowns life's Cliff for such as we.

       Students wise, he maketh now thus
         Those who fish in waters deep,
       When the buried Master hails us
         From the shores afar, complete.

       Art hath bathed this isthmus-lordling
         In a beauty strong and meek
       As the rock, whose upward tending
         Points the plane of power to seek.

       Isle of beauty, thou art teaching
         Lessons long and grand, to-night,
       To my heart that would be bleaching
         To thy whiteness, Cliff of Wight.

MISC 394

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