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The Editor of The Christian Science Journal (Falmouth and St.
Paul Streets, Boston, Mass.) holds the original of most of the letters
that authenticate these.

   It is something more than a year and a half since I was
cured of a complication of diseases through reading
"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."
   Becoming at an early age disgusted with drugs, I learned
hygiene, and practised it faithfully for over twenty years;
then I began to lose all faith in its efficacy, became
greatly discouraged, and, as I had never been cured of
a single ailment, I rapidly grew worse in health.  Hearing
of this, a dear sister brought me Science and Health.
Her admonition was, "Now read it, E -; I have heard
that just the reading of that book has been known to heal
the sick."
   I had read to, and through, the chapter on Healing and
Teaching,*1 and was so deeply interested that I began
reading that blessed chapter over again, - when I found
I was cured of my dyspepsia, that I could use my strength
in lifting without feeling the old distressing pain in my
side, and also that the pain in the kidneys only came on

*1 Page 292 of the revised edition of 1890.

MISC 402

at night, waking me out of sleep.  Then I began my first
conscious treatments:  of course I followed no formula,
and I needed none.  A cry for help, knowing it would
be answered; precious texts from the Bible, which had
already become like a new book to me; sweet assurance
of faith by the witnessing Spirit; strong logical conclusions,
learned from Science and Health:  what a wealth
of material!  Before finishing the book, all tendency to
my old aches and pains had left me, and I have been a
strong, healthy woman ever since.
   My first demonstration with another than myself was
also before I had finished my first reading.  My husband
was cured of the belief of bilious fever by not over ten
minutes' treatment; the fever and pain in head and limbs
disappearing in that instantaneous way as soon as I
could summon sufficient courage to offer my services in
this, to us, new but glorious work.  He slept soundly
that night (the treatment was given about 10 A. M.), and
ate and worked as usual the next day, with no symptoms
of a relapse then or afterward.  That was in March, 1888;
in the following August I met in one of our Rocky Mountain
berry patches a lady who complained so bitterly that
I felt compelled to offer her treatment.  Her words, when
I visited her at her home during Christmas week, will
give some idea of the result: -
   "Yes, I am doing three women's work, - attending to
my own and my son's housework, and caring for his wife
and new-born babe; but I am equal to it, when I think
of all the Lord has done for me!  Why, Mrs. S., I was
cured with that first treatment you gave me, I know;
because I went out to gather berries that day and was
caught in a drenching shower, - and for ten years before

MISC 403

I could not bear the least exposure without suffering
from those dreadful headaches I told you about, and
from dysentery, - but that day I had neither.  I had
once been laid out for dead, - lying there perfectly conscious,
hearing my friends grieving over me, - but I did
not want to come to, I suffered so.  No, I never have any
of those ailments.  I am a well, hearty woman, - and
that is not all.  I had been seeking religion for more than
twenty years, but I never knew how Christians felt till I

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