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told you I was cured that day on the camp-ground."
   On the first of this year I was so blessed as to receive
a course of lessons from one of our teacher's students.
Now I am only trusting that the time will come when I
may be enabled to teach others the way of Truth, as well
as to add to the many demonstrations God has given
me. - E. D. S.

   A student of Christian Science was employed in the
Massachusetts State Prison at Charlestown, to teach the
prisoners to make shoes.  He carried his copy of "Science
and Health with Key to the Scriptures" and the Journal
with him, and as he had the opportunity would tell the
men what this wonderful truth could do for them, setting
them free in a larger and higher sense than they had
dreamed of.
   We make extracts from a number of letters that one
of the prisoners has written to those who are interesting
themselves in this work.

   "Editor of The Christian Science Journal: - At the
prison, once a week, there are Christian papers given
to the inmates.  But none of those papers point out so

MISC 404

clearly the fallibility of the mortal or carnal mind, and
the infallibility of the divine Mind, as does the teaching
of Christian Science.
   "I was strangely blind and stupid.  I loved sin, and
it seemed as though I never would be able to forsake it.
I did everything that would be expected of one entirely
ignorant of God.
   "I also had a complication of diseases.  I could not
begin to describe the medicines I have taken.
   "I no longer look for material treatment, but humbly
seek for the divine assistance of Jesus, through the
way Christian Science has taught me.  I am, indeed,
an altered man.  I now have no more doubt of the
way of salvation than I have of the way to the prison
   "I am very grateful to the students of Christian Science,
for the interest they have taken in me and my fellow
prisoners.  Their letters and books have been of great
profit, and in accordance with their wish I have done what
I could for the others.
   "I gave the Journal to every man who would accept
it, and related my experience to those who would listen.
I told them they need go no farther than myself to see
what the demonstration was; for not only have my eyes
been healed, but many other ailments have disappeared.
   "Some of the fellows told me I was becoming religiously
insane, but acting upon your advice, I did not stop
to argue with those opposed; and I am glad to be able to
tell you that those who expressed interest were more than
those who opposed.
   "The chaplain told me I could keep Science and
Health until I got through with it.  I never should

MISC 405

get through with that book, but, as others were waiting
for it, I did not like to keep it too long.  God bless the
   "I need have no fear after leaving here; I feel that
I can make an honest living.  I can honestly add, that
my bad reputation is largely due to my lack of
education.  What little I do know, I learned here and in the
House of Correction.  I tell you this, for I feel that I
must be honest with the kind friends who have done so
much for me.
   "Providing I should not be paroled, I shall remain
here until the 24th of next December.  God bless you
all. - J. C."

   I am glad to tell how I was healed.  Beliefs of consumption,
dyspepsia, neuralgia, piles, tobacco, and bad
language held me in bondage for many years.  Doctors
that were consulted did nothing to relieve me, and I

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