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constantly grew worse.  Nearly two years ago a lady
told me that if I would read a book called "Science and
Health with Key to the Scriptures" I would be healed.
I told her I would "go into it for all it is worth," and
I have found that it is worth all.  I got the book, and
read day and night.  I saw that it must be true, and believed
that what I could not then understand would be
made clear later.
   After some days' reading I was affected with drowsiness,
followed by vomiting.  This lasted several hours;
when I fell into a sleep, and awoke healed.  The good I
have received, and that I have been able to do in healing
others, has all come from Science and Health.  I received
some instructions from teachers; but they did me more

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harm than good:  I asked for bread, but they gave me a
stone.  I held to what I could understand of Science and
Health; and the truth does not forsake me, but enables
me to heal others.
   Last February, I was called to treat a child that the
M. D.'s said was dying from lung fever; after the third
treatment the child got up and ran about, completely
healed.  Another child was brought to me, with rupture;
after the second treatment the truss was thrown away.
An aged lady was healed of heart disease and chills, in
one treatment.  These cases brought me many more, that
were also healed.
   The husband of a lady in the State Lunatic Asylum
asked me to treat her; she had been for two years and
a half in the asylum, and though taken home in this time
once or twice, she had had to be taken back.  After two
weeks of absent treatment, the husband visited her, and
the doctor reported great improvement during the preceding
two weeks.  At the end of another two weeks I
went with the husband to the asylum, and the doctor told
us that she was well enough to go home.  The husband
asked the doctor how it was that she had improved so
rapidly, and he said that he could not account for it.  We
said nothing about the Christian Science treatment, and
took the lady home.  This was about a year ago, and she
has remained perfectly well.
   Many cases as striking as this can be referred to in
this town, as evidence that Truth is the healer of sickness
as well as of sin. - J. B. H.

   No. 1.  A lady friend, who was found to have a severe
attack of dysentery, was assured that such attacks could

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be cured without medicine, and advised to take no more.
She was more than astonished at the result; for in less
than an hour all pain and other symptoms of the trouble
ceased, and she felt perfectly well the next day.
   No. 2.  While she was visiting relatives in the country,
an infant of theirs was attacked severely with croup,
and appeared to be on the verge of suffocation, giving
its parents much alarm.  The infant was taken in
the arms of the lady, in thirty minutes was completely
relieved, went to sleep, and awoke in good health the
next morning.
   No. 3.  The mother of this child was subsequently
attacked with a scrofulous swelling on the neck, just
under the ear, which was very painful and disfiguring;
the side of the face, also, being badly swollen.  It was
feared that this would develop into and undergo the
usual phenomenon of abscess, as other similar swellings
had done previously.  She had great faith in the metaphysical
treatment, because of the experience which she
had had with her baby, and wrote a letter describing her
case.  This was immediately answered, and absent
treatment was begun.  In twenty-four hours after receipt
of the letter, to the astonishment of herself and family,

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