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the tumor had entirely disappeared:  there was not a
trace of it left; although the day before it was fully as
large as a hen's egg; red, and tender to the touch.
   These instances are only a few of the many cures which
have been performed in this way, and they are mentioned
simply to show what good work may be done by any
earnest, conscientious person who has gained by reading
my works the proper understanding of the Principle of
Christian Science.

MISC 408

   What a wonderful field for enlightenment and profit
lies open to those who seek after Truth.  Alas, that the
feet of so few enter it!

   Rev. M. B. G. Eddy: - Will you kindly spare me a few
moments for the perusal of these lines from a stranger, -
one who feels under a debt of gratitude to you, - for,
through the divine Science brought to light by you, I have
been "made whole."  I have been cured of a malignant
cancer since I began to study Christian Science, and have
demonstrated the truth of it in a number of cases.  I have
only studied your good books, having been unable to take
the lectures for want of means.  I dare not think of these,
for there is no prospect that I shall be in a position to
take the course at all.  I do not allow myself to complain,
but cheerfully take up my books and study, and
feel thankful for this light.
                                        M. E. W., Canon City, Col.

   Dear Madam: - May I thank you for your book,
"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and
say how much I owe to it - almost my very life - at a
most critical time. . . .
   If it were not for the heat of your American summers
(I had nine attacks of dysentery in the last one), and the
expense, I should dearly like to learn from you personally;
but I must forego this, - at any rate, for the
present.  If you would write me what the cost would be for a
course on divine metaphysics, I would try to manage it
later on.

MISC 409

   Meanwhile, I should be grateful if you would refer me
to any one in this country who is interested similarly,
for I get more kicks than halfpence in discussing it.
   Your obliged friend,              (Rev.) I. G. W. Bishop,
                                        Bovington Vicarage, Hemel Hempstead,
                                        Herts, England

Extract from a letter to Rev. M. B. G. Eddy

   A gentleman here had hired all the most skilled doctors
in the United States - nothing helped him.  He was a
ghost to look upon.  I told him just to read my copies
of your books.  I talked to him, told him what he could
do for himself if he but tried.  He laughed at me.  I was
willing he should laugh, for it was very unusual for him
to do this.  He had your books two months, and last Sunday
he returned them.  I wish you could see him: he is
well.  He is happy, and told me he was going to write to
you for the books for himself this week. - E. E. B.

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