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   I was healed thoroughly of the belief of chronic hepatitis
and kidney disease, by reading "Science and Health
with Key to the Scriptures."  I have never, to this day,
had the slightest return of it.
                                        J. P. Filbert, Council Bluffs, Iowa

   You, dear Mrs. Eddy, have saved my life, through
Science and Health; and I feel that the patients healed
through me should give the first thanks to God and to
you. - Mrs. D. S. Harriman, Kansas City, Mo.

   How grand your book, "Science and Health with Key
to the Scriptures," is!  It is a translation of Truth.  No
amount of money could buy the book of me, if I could not
get another.  No matter what suffering comes, physical
or mental, I have only to take Science and Health, and
almost invariably the first sentence brings relief.  It

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seems to steady the thought.  I do not think any student
old enough to neglect reading it.  When we think we are
advanced far enough to let that book alone, then are
we in danger.
                                        Mrs. Ellen P. Clark, Dorchester, Mass.

   Many thanks for the good received from your books.
When I commenced reading them, I was carrying about
a very sick body.  Your books have healed me.  I am
now in perfect health.  People look at me with surprise,
and say they do not understand it; but when they see
the sick ones made well, they are not always willing to
believe it.
                                        Mrs. Joseph Tillson, South Hanson, Mass.

   Rev. M. B. G. Eddy: - I add one more testimony of
a cure from reading your book, "Science and Health
with Key to the Scriptures."  Five years ago I lay prostrate
with piles and inflammation of the bowels.  All
the coating came off, apparently.  A stricture was formed,
beyond medical reach.  I then lived in Chicago; one
of the best physicians, who made a specialty of treating
piles, attended me.  The pain was relieved, but my
bowels were inactive, and remained so until New Year's
   I determined to trust all to God, or die before I would
take any more medicine, as I never had an action unless
I took a free dose of some laxative.  If I forgot to take
the medicine one night, or allowed myself to be without
it, I had a terrible sick headache for two or three days,
and terrible backache.  I never had backache at any

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other time, and the piles would be so much inflamed, in
two days' time, that I could hardly tell where I suffered
the worst.
   Since I have learned to trust all to God, I have not
had the least trouble with the piles, nor one twinge of
the backache.  I have an easy action of the bowels each
morning.  It was five days after I resolved to leave medicine
alone, before a natural movement took place; and
ever since I have been perfectly regular.  It was a great
effort for me to take that step, for I knew I was running
the risk of throwing myself back into all misery, and
perhaps into a worse state than before.  By reading

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