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   Yours with much love,           C. A. W., Lexington, Mo.

   In the February Journal it appears there is some one
who says that "Science and Health with Key to the
Scriptures" is hard to understand, and who thinks she
can explain it.  Perhaps my experience with Science
and Health may help some one who might otherwise
take up this thought, and so be led away from the truth.
After reading and studying it for some time, and talking
to the Scientists I met in my travels, the thought came
to me, "Why not try these truths on yourself?"  I did

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so, and to my surprise and great joy I found immediate
relief.  Dyspepsia (the trouble of most commercial travellers),
catarrh, and many lesser beliefs, left me, so that in
a short time I was a well man, and by no other means
than trusting to the Saviour's promises as explained in
Science and Health.  This took place while I was travelling
about the country.
   On my return home, I gave my wife treatments.  In
many instances the blessing came before the treatment
was finished, and often we proved that only a thought
of the power of Truth was sufficient to give relief.
   One Sunday morning, soon after my return, a friend
called and asked if I could give him anything to relieve
his wife, who, he said, had been suffering for some days
with rheumatism in her shoulder, so severely that she
could neither dress alone nor comb her hair.  I told him
that the only medicine we had in the house was Christian
Science.  He laughed at the idea; but before he
left, he asked if I would give his wife a treatment.  I
told him I was very young in Science, but if she wished
it, I would.  He went home, but returned immediately,
saying she wished me to come.  Then I asked help from
the fountain of Truth, and started for my first treatment
to be given away from home.  When I left their room
fifteen minutes later, she was shaking her hand high
above her head, and exclaiming, "I am all right; I am
well!"  That was in November, 1887, and she has had
no return of the belief since.
   A friend told me that his son, twelve years old, had
catarrh so badly that his breath was very offensive, his
throat troubled him all the time, and that he had been
deaf since he had the measles.  In less than three weeks

MISC 419

both beliefs vanished.  This was a case of absent
treatment.  I could give you other cases, but I think I have
said enough to prove that Science and Health is not
hard to understand, for my work has all been done without
my ever attending class.

                                        H. H. B., New York City

   A lady, with no other instructor than "Science and
Health with Key to the Scriptures," has demonstrated
beyond many who have taken numerous lessons.  Persuaded,
through her reading, of the allness of God, -
and the perfectness of idea, - she would know nothing
else.  A daughter, so badly affected by poison oak (ivy)
that for weeks death was feared from blood-poisoning,
had recovered with a terrible dread of that plant.  As
the next season's picnic time drew near, she was regretting
that she dared not go again.  The mother, with her
new-born faith in the Science of being, said, "Certainly
you can go, for nothing can harm you."  Assured by
these words, the daughter went, and in her rambles fell

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