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into a mass of the dreaded plant; but trusting to the
word of Truth, she thought nothing of it till one who
knew of her previous trouble said, in her mother's presence,
"See, her face is showing red already."  But the
mother was prompt in denial and assurance.  Next morning,
old symptoms were out in force, but they yielded
at once and finally to the positive and uncompromising
hold on Truth.  Another daughter, that was thought
too delicate to raise, from bronchial and nervous troubles,
always dosed with medicine and wrapped in flannels,
now runs free and well without either of these, winter

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and summer.  The mother was recently attacked by
mesmerism from the church that believed she was influencing
her daughter to leave.  She overcame by the
same unwavering trust in God, seeing Truth clearer than
ever before.  Her demonstrations come through no form
of treatment, but by letting the Spirit bear witness, -
by the positive recognition and realization of no reality
but ever-present good.
   The other night her husband was attacked with an
old belief, similar to one that some time before had ended
in a congestive chill which the doctor thought very serious,
and from which he had been a long time in
recovering.  The wife simply recognized no reality in the belief,
and, seeing only perfect being, felt no fear.  She did
nothing, - no "treating" in the usual sense.  There is
nothing to do but to understand that all is harmony,
always.  He felt the presence that destroys the sense of
evil, and next morning - there was nothing left to recover
   A lady, while doing some starching, thoughtlessly put
her hand into the scalding starch to wring out a collar.
Recalled to mortal sense by the stinging pain, she immediately
realized the all-power of God.  At once the pain
began to subside; and as she brushed off the scalding
starch, she could see the blister-swelling go down till
there was but a little redness to show for the accident;
absorbed in her thankfulness, she mechanically wrung
out the collar with the same hand, and with no sense of
pain, thus verifying the demonstration.  This woman
(not reading English) only knows Science as she has received
it from her practitioner during the treatments
received within the last month.  So much has come to

MISC 421

her from Spirit through her loyalty to Christ, in so far
as she could understand.
   A case of ulcerated tooth and neuralgic belief would
only partially yield after repeated treatments, till it was
discovered that the patient was antagonizing Truth by
holding the thought that her old remedy, laudanum,
would give relief; treated from this standpoint, relief was
immediate and final.
   One morning after Rev. -  - had been preaching to
thousands for several days, he told them that he had
never felt such a sense of depression nor had so little
showing of results.  Some Scientists hearing this, at once
saw his trouble.  He had been fearlessly exposing and
denouncing evil; and it had turned on him, till the mesmerism
was likely to overcome him entirely, for he did
not understand the seeming power.  The effect of the
silent word to uplift and sustain, was very manifest that
evening in his preaching, and was a beautiful demonstration
of Science.  He probably only felt Spirit-inspiration
as he had not before, without a thought as to what
had broken the evil spell; but we never know the what,
or when, or where, of the harvest we can sow - "God
giveth the increase." - E. H. B., Sacramento

   I had two German patients who were anxious to have
you publish "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures"

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