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in their language.  I advised them to buy it and
try to read it.  They commenced reading, and now can

MISC 422

read all of Science and Health, but do not read well any
other book or paper, and they do not need to.  With
great love. - M. H. P.

   I sold three copies of "Science and Health with Key
to the Scriptures" to friends, not long ago.  One of them,
fifty years of age, said to me, "I never had one day's
sickness in my life; but after reading Science and Health
I found that I was bruised and mangled, from the crown
of my head to the soles of my feet.  I have been reaching
after something that, before reading Science and
Health, seemed to me unattainable;" and with tears
in her eyes, she rejoiced in the God of her salvation.
Did not Jesus say, "If these should hold their peace, the
stones would immediately cry out"?

                                        P. L., Lexington, Ky.

   For eight years I suffered terribly with my eyes; I
could not read fifteen minutes without the most agonizing
sick headache.  Oculists called it a case of double
vision, and said that the only chance for a cure lay in
cutting the muscles of the eyes.  This was done, but the
pain was worse than before.  One of the most famous
oculists of New York said I would simply have to endure
it for life, as it was a case of severe astigmatism.
   I suffered so that my health gave way.  A friend spoke
to me of Christian Science, but I scoffed at the idea.
Later on, in desperation, I asked her to lend me "Science
and Health with Key to the Scriptures," thinking I might
be able to read five minutes a day in it.  I opened the

MISC 423

book at the chapter on Physiology, and began.  Time
passed unnoticed:  every page seemed illuminated.  I
said, "This is everything or nothing; if everything, then
you need no glasses."  I took off the heavy ground glasses,
and went on.  What a terrible headache I had the next
morning! but I fought it with the truth laid down in the
book.  I said again, "This is everything or nothing,"
and the truth triumphed.  The headache ceased, but I
felt miserably.  I recalled what was said about chemicalization,
and persevered.
   In four days my eyes were well; I read as many hours
a day as I pleased; my strength returned.  I conquered
one belief after another, until now, strong and well, I
meet every belief with confidence.  "I will fear no evil:
for Thou art with me."  For two years I have realized
the peace and confidence which the knowledge that God
is all-powerful and always present alone can give.  Feeling
a great desire to spread Christian Science, that it
may do the good to others that it has to me, not only
physically but spiritually, I ask if you have any missionaries
in the work.  Being a member of the Episcopal
Church, I have always sent what I could to help foreign
missions through that church.  Will it do the most good
to continue so doing, as our foreign missionaries are devoted
men, or have you Christian Science missionaries
who devote their lives to the work?
   An answer addressed to me, or published in the Journal,
would help one who is seeking to do right.
                                        Yours sincerely,  K. L. T.

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