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   I do wish to add my testimony of being healed by
reading "Science and Health with Key to the

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Scriptures." I had been an invalid for over twenty years,
and had given up all hope of ever being well again.  I
had read the book about six weeks, when it seemed
I was made all over new, and I could "run, and not be
weary; and . . . walk, and not faint."  I did not understand
it, but it was the savior from death unto life with
me; I have remained well ever since I was healed, -
more than five years ago.  I commenced to treat others
as soon as I was born anew into the kingdom of Truth.
My patients were healed right along, before I had taken
lessons in a class, and they have remained well to this
   Christian Science has made me as young as a girl of
sixteen.  If this should meet the eye of any sufferers
who may be led to go and do as I did, they will be
healed. - N. A. E.

   Language is inadequate when bearing grateful testimony
to the book "Science and Health with Key to the
Scriptures."  By its simple reading, I was healed of ills
which baffled the skill of specialists and all curatives
that love and money could command.  After eighteen
years of invalidism, and eight years of scepticism, without
hope, with no God, - except a First Cause, - I was
given up to die.
   A loving friend told me of this book, which was soon
brought; and thirty-five pages of the first chapter were
read to me that evening.  The next morning I got up,
walked, and read the book for myself.
   I mention the chapter, for the reason that nearly two
years have passed since those wonderful words of Life

MISC 425

were first read to me, and still their sacred sweetness is
ever the same.  Now I exclaim, God is All!


   It is impossible for me to keep still any longer.  In
1885, when I had not known a well day in five years,
"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" was
placed in my hands by a dear lady who insisted upon
my reading it, saying she believed it would heal me.  Like
many, I was afraid of it, - until I learned what it really
was.  The friend's words were verified.  I was healed
by the reading of the book, and for one year continued
to read nothing whatever but the Bible and Science
and Health.  They were my constant study.  Through the
understanding gained, that God is All, I came to demonstrate
with great success, and with but one thought, -
for I knew nothing about giving a "treatment;" I wish
I knew as little now, for I believe that healing in Christian
Science is to be done in a moment.  I became anxious to
learn more, to study with the teacher, but funds would
not allow, - and I thought to substitute a course in
Chicago, perhaps.  Every time I would speak of it, however,
my dear mother would say, "You have Science and
Health and the Bible, and God for your teacher - what
more do you need?  If I could not go to the teacher, I
would not go to any one."
   If I had only heeded the blessed counsel of Truth!
   I went to Chicago, however, so full of confidence in
Christian Science that I supposed every one who had
studied with Mrs. Eddy must be right.  Unfortunately,
I took my course with a spiritualist who had been through

MISC 426

two of her classes; discovered my mistake, and went to
a mind-cure, - only to find the mistake repeated.  Being
an earnest seeker for Truth, I tried again to go to the
Massachusetts Metaphysical College; but it was uncertain

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