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when there would be a class, so I took a course
with one of Mrs. Eddy's students in Boston.  The darkness
now rolled away.  Science and Health once more
revealed the light to me as of old.
   All this time, the mind-curers had me in view, and
were sending me reading-matter; but, praise the Lord!
Truth is victorious.
   My dear brothers and sisters, let us be safely guided
by the counsels of our Mother, in Science and Health!
I, for one, am astounded that I was so led astray; but I
did it all through ignorance, - and the sincere desire to
know the truth and to do it, saved me.
`Your sister in truth,        R. D.

   I have been reading Science and Health for one year
and a half, and have had some wonderful
demonstrations.  People here are antagonistic to the Science, and
tell me that I am a "fit subject for the asylum."  Physicians
threaten me with arrest, also, but I walk straight
on, knowing well in whom I trust.
                                        E. I. R., Wauseon, Ohio

   A little over two years ago, while living in Pittsburgh,
my wife and I had Christian Science brought to our
attention.  We were at once interested, and bought a copy
of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."

MISC 427

At the time, Mrs. A -  -  was suffering with severe belief
of astigmatism of the eyes.  She had been treated by a
number of specialists, during seven years, the last being
the late Dr. Agnew of New York, who prescribed two
sets of glasses.  He said that he could do nothing more
for her, as the trouble was organic; that she must wear
glasses constantly; that if she attempted to go without,
she would become either blind or insane.  The glasses
were in operation, and still life had become a burden
from constant pain, when Christian Science came to our
relief.  Mrs. A -  -  had not in years read for two consecutive
minutes, and could not use her eyes in sewing
at all.  The lady that told us of the Science, insisted that
she could read Science and Health, which she actually
did, - reading it through twice, and studying it carefully
each time.  After the second reading, there came the
thought that she did not need the glasses, and she at once
abandoned them, and went about her usual duties.  In
about two weeks from that day the eyes were perfectly
healed, and are well and strong to-day.
                                        E. G. A., New York City

   My Dear Teacher: - Yours without date is at hand.
Could you know out of what depths of material debris
the first reading of the first volume of Science and Health,
six years ago last December, lifted me, you would believe
it had always been "all I could ask."  It was only
words from the pen of uninspired writers that gave me
pain.  As the revelation of the All-good appeared to
me, all other books, all forms of religion, all methods
of healing, to my sense became void.  Chronic beliefs of

MISC 428

disease of twenty years' standing, dimness of sight from
the belief of age, all disappeared instantly; indeed,
material life seemed a blank.  The why?  I could not

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