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explain, but this I did know, in this realm of the real I
found joy, peace, rest, love to all, unbounded,
unspeakable.  Human language had lost its power of expression,
for no words came to me; and in all this six years of bliss
I still have found no words to tell my new-found life in
God.  The most chronic forms of disease have sometimes
been healed instantly and without argument.  With
great love and gratitude. - M. H. P.

   I take great comfort in reading "Science and Health
with Key to the Scriptures," and will cling firmly to
the light I have, knowing that more will be given me.
While in Salt Lake City, I met at the hotel a lady who
had been an invalid all her life.  I talked with her about
Christian Science, and loaned her Science and Health,
together with the Journals I had with me.  She had
become very much discouraged, having lost all faith
in doctors and medicine, and did not know where to
turn next.  She became very much absorbed in the book,
feeling she had found salvation.  She at once laid aside
the glasses she was wearing, and now reads readily without
them.  She and her husband have accepted this truth
beautifully. - Mrs. G. A. G., Ogden, Utah

   On a trip through Mexico I met a woman who told me
that, although she did not believe in Christian Science,
on her way from Wisconsin, her home, she had bought

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a copy of Science and Health.  When she reached M -  - ,
she met a minister from the North, whom the M. D.'s
had sent there because of consumption, - they had given
him two months to live.  She gave him Science and
Health, and while doing so, felt it was all absurd.  The
minister read it, and was healed immediately.  Was not
this a beautiful demonstration of the power of Truth,
and good evidence that Science and Health is the word
of God?
   I had while in Mexico a glorious conquest over the
fear of smallpox.  There were hundreds of cases in some
small towns where we were.  After the fear was cast
out, never a thought of it as real came to me or my husband,
or troubled us in any way.  On the street I met
three men who were being taken to the pest-house with
that loathsome disease. - F. W. C.

   A lady to whom I sold "Science and Health with Key
to the Scriptures," writes me: "My longing to know
God has been answered in this book; and with the answer
has come the healing."  She is an intimate friend of
Will Carleton, the poet.  This is doing much good in
the social circles.  He has for a long time been interested,
but his wife has declared it could not heal, and was not
Christian.  She will now be obliged to acknowledge this
healing, for the lady above referred to has been, to sense,
a great sufferer. - P. J. L.

   Some of the experiences given in the Journal have
been so helpful to me, I have been moved to give to its

MISC 430

readers a little experience of my own, which occurred
when I first began the study of "Science and Health with
Key to the Scriptures."
   I had already been healed of sick headache, almost
instantly, by declaring that I was God's child, and, as
God is perfect, His child must be perfect also.  This had
given me great happiness, and a quiet, peaceful state of
mind I never had known before.  My family did not
seem to see anything good in Christian Science, but to
me it was sacred.
   One Monday morning, I awoke feeling very ill indeed.
The morning was warm and sultry.  I thought I certainly
could not wash that day; but when I went downstairs,
I found my daughter had made preparations for

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