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and was healed during our talk, so that she has never felt
a touch of the old trouble since.
   One lady, whom I had never seen, was healed of consumption
in six weeks' treatment.  She had not left
her bed in four months, and had been given up by many
                                        Mrs. Florence Williams, Le Roy, Mich.

   I like the Journal and Quarterly, and have many of
Rev. Mary B. G. Eddy's works, which make my little
world.  I have a great desire to learn more of this Love
that casts out all fear, and to work in this Science.  It is
the greatest pleasure I have, to talk this truth, as far as
I understand it, to any who will listen; and am waiting
for others to learn of this blessed Science.

MISC 433

   I give my experience in reading "Science and Health
with Key to the Scriptures" aloud to a little child.  A
letter published in the Journal, written by a lady who
had relieved a two-year-old child by reading to her, first
suggested this course to me.  At the time, my little one
was a trifle over a year old.  I was trying to overcome
for him a claim which, though not one of serious illness,
was no small trial to me, because of its frequent occurrence
and its seeming ability to baffle my efforts.  One
day as I sat near and treated him, it occurred to me to
read aloud.  I took up one of the older editions of Science
and Health lying near, began at the words, "Brains
can give no idea of God's man," and read on for two
or three paragraphs, endeavoring - as the writer suggested
- to understand it myself; yet thinking, perchance,
the purer thought of the babe might grasp the underlying
meaning sooner than I.  So it proved.  Before the disturbance
felt by me had been calmed, the weary expression
on the face of the child was replaced by one of evident
   When putting him to sleep, I had often repeated the
spiritual interpretation of the Lord's Prayer.  One night
he was very restless, fretful, and cried a great deal,
while I seemed unable to soothe him.  At last I perceived
that he was asking for something, and it dawned
upon me that the Prayer might be his desire.  I began
repeating it aloud, endeavoring to mean it also.  He
turned over quietly, and in a few minutes was sweetly
   The last time my attention was specially called to
this subject, was about a year after the first experience.
Various hindrances had been allowed to keep me from

MISC 434

Science and Health all day; and it was toward evening
when I recognized that material sense had been
given predominance, and must be put down.  I soon felt
drawn to read the book.  The little boy had seemed
restless and somewhat disturbed all day; but without
thinking specially of him, rather to assist in holding my
own thought, I began to read aloud, "Consciousness
constructs a better body, when it has conquered our
fear of matter."  In a minute or two a little hand had
touched mine, and I looked down into a sweet face fairly
radiant with smiles.  I read it over.  The child was evidently
delighted, and was restful and happy all the rest
of the day. - A. H. W., Deland, Florida

   A week ago a friend wrote to me on business, and in
the letter stated that his wife had been very ill for six
weeks.  At once the thought came, "Tell her to read the
chapter on Healing, in Science and Health."  In my

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