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answer to his letter I obeyed the thought.  A few days
after, I had occasion to call; found her much better, and
reading Science and Health.  They had done as directed,
and had received the promise. - R., New York

   The first allusion to Christian Science reached me in
an article I read on that subject.  Later, a friend came
to visit me, bringing a copy of "Science and Health with
Key to the Scriptures."  For two weeks I read it eagerly;
then I sent for a copy for myself.  When it came, I
began to study it.  The Bible, of which I had had but
a dim understanding, began to grow clearer.  The light

MISC 435

grew brighter each day.  Finally, I began to treat myself
against ills that had bound me for twenty-eight
years.  At the end of six weeks I was healed, much to the
amazement of all who knew me.  From that time, my
desire was to help others out of their suffering, and to
talk this wonderful truth.  After a while I took the class
lectures, and am doing what I can to spread this healing
gospel. - A. M. G.

Rev. Mary B. G. Eddy
   My Dear Leader: - I will try to tell you how I was
led to Christian Science.  Heretofore I have not tried to
lead a Christian life, but have always firmly believed
that if one truly desired and needed help, he would get
it from God by asking for it.  I suffered, as I think but
very few have, for fourteen years; yet I did not think it
sufficient to warrant me in asking God to help me, until
I gave up all hope elsewhere, - and this occurred in the
spring of 1891.  I then thought that the time had come
to commit myself to God.  Being at home alone, after
going to bed I prayed God to deliver me from my torments,
this sentence being the substance of my prayer,
"What shall I do to be saved?"
   I repeated that sentence, I suppose, until I fell asleep.
About twelve o'clock at night, I saw a vision in the form
of a man with wings, standing at the foot of my bed, -
wings partly spread, - one arm hanging loosely at his
side, and one extended above his head.  At the same
time there was a bright light shining in my room, which
made all objects shine like fire.  I knew where I was,
and was not afraid.  The vision (for such it was), after

MISC 436:
looking directly at me for some time, spoke this one sentence,
and then disappeared: "Do right, and thou shalt
be saved."
   I immediately tried to live according to that precept,
and found relief in proportion to my understanding.
I soon after learned of Christian Science.  One of my
brothers in Kansas, having been healed by it, persuaded
me to buy "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,"
wherein I learned that the above precept was the
key to Christian Science; that it is Christian Science to
do right, and that nothing short of right living has any
claim to the name.
   I have been learning my way in Christian Science
about one year, and have been successful in healing.  I
have all of your books, and am a subscriber for the Journal
and Quarterly Bible Lessons.  Some of the cases
I have treated have yielded almost instantly.  I am a
stranger to you, but I have told you the truth, just as it
occurred.  Yours in truth,
                                        Sam Schroyer, Oklahoma City, Okla.

   I desire to make known the great good I have received
by reading the blessed book "Science and Health

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