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with Key to the Scriptures."  Four years have now
passed since I began to read it.  It has been my only
healer and teacher, as I never have had an opportunity
to go through a class; but I find that the "Spirit of truth"
will teach us all things if we will but practise well what
we know.  After two years and a half of study, I thought,
as many beginners think, that I had travelled over the
worst part of this narrow path.

MISC 437

   Soon after, it came about that I was separated from
every one who had ever heard of Christian Science; and,
as I lived in the country, no one came to visit me for
about eight months.  At first, I thought the Lord had
wrought a great evil.  I had no one to talk to, but would
take my Science and Health every morning, before going
about my work, and read; yet mortal mind would
say, "You can do no good, with no one to talk with."
At last, one morning after listening to the serpent's voice,
I looked out at the little wild flowers as they waved to
and fro; they seemed to be a living voice, and this is what
they said: "On earth peace, good will toward men."
There was also a mocking-bird that would sit on the
house and sing.  For the first time, I realized that divine
Love was the only friend I needed.  Soon after, I sent
the Journal to my nearest neighbor, by her little son
who came to play with my children.  Afterward she
told me that when she began to read it she said to the
family, "God has sent this book to me."  Calling to see
her one evening, I found her suffering from heart
disease.  I began talking to her about Christian Science,
and in less than an hour she declared herself healed.
She is to-day a happy woman.  I would say to all suffering
ones, that if you will buy a copy of this wonderful
book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,"
by the Rev. Mary Baker G. Eddy, and study it, and
practise its teachings, you will find it a pearl of great
                                        Mrs. Fannie Meeks, Bells, Grayson Co., Texas

   On my arrival in New York, last July, my brother
spoke to me of "Science and Health with Key to the

MISC 438

Scriptures;" and, coming in contact with a number of
Scientists, all wishing me to procure the book, I did so.
I read it through in the same manner in which I would
read any other book, to find out the contents.
   Before I got to the end, having partly understood its
meaning, I began to demonstrate over old physical troubles,
and they disappeared.  A belt that I had worn for
over twelve years, I took off, and threw overboard (being
a seafaring man).
   Up to that time I had been a constant smoker, and
chewed tobacco; but I gradually lost all pleasure in it,
and now look upon it with disgust.
   I was brought up in the Lutheran doctrine, and when
a boy received a good knowledge of Scripture; but I
never understood it until explained to me in Science and
Health.  H. F. Witkov,
                                        27 Needham Road, Liverpool, England

   In a letter received a few days ago from one of my
absent patients, there was such a glorious testimonial
for Science and Health that I feel as if I ought to send
it in for the pages of our Journal, trusting it may be the

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