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means of helping many others to turn for help and comfort,
in every emergency, to this book.
   In her letter, this lady says: "A few days since, I had
quite a serious claim attack me.  I left my mending, took
Science and Health and read all the afternoon and evening;
when all trace of the claim was gone, and I have
felt nothing of it since."
   When this dear woman applied to Truth, she was a
great sufferer.  Her gratitude knows no bounds.  Many

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chronic ailments, which have bound her with heavy
chains for many years, are being removed one by one.
It is such a sweet privilege to lead her out of this bondage

of flesh, for she turns with such childlike trust and
obedience to the book, and looks to that for aid in every
trial and affliction.  It is beautiful to see, and is a rebuke
to some of us older in the thought, who depend so much
on personality.
   She is far away, in a little country town where Science
has hardly been heard of; but she is so happy with her
book that she has no desire for other reading.
   I have always tried to show her that God was with her
there as well as with us here; that in Him she possesses
all; and that with her Bible and Science and Health no
harm can befall her, for the remedy for every ill she has
at hand. - Mrs. C. H. S., Woburn, Mass.

   I have been an interested reader of the Journal for
some time, and thought I would contribute my mite by
giving one of my latest demonstrations in Christian
   An accident occurred as follows:  Officers, while hunting
for a criminal in thick underbrush, fired upon each
other through mistake, and it was found that one was
shot six times; two of the bullets passing through the
abdomen, and one through the hips.
   Two physicians who examined him had no hope.  He
asked me to help him.  I took the case.  Relief came
almost instantly.  I treated him for eight days; the
fifth, I heard one of three physicians, who held a private
consultation over my patient, ask him this question:

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"Mr. F - , have you not got one bit of pain?"  I was
rewarded by hearing him answer, "No, sir; not the least
bit."  No one else seemed to have any hope for him; but
I held firmly to the thought that God is an ever-present
help, never doubting, and Christian Science has again
won a victory.  Many people call it a miracle, and it
has set them to thinking.
   The harvest is now ripe and ready for the reaper.  I
wish some good Christian Science teacher would come
and help us.  I can help in my own way, but am not
advanced enough to lead and teach others.  I have only
studied Science and Health a little over a year, and have
not been through a class yet.
                                        S. G. Schroyer, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

   I became interested in Christian Science through being
healed.  I had no faith in doctors, therefore would
not consult any; but felt that something must be done,
or I would soon follow a brother and sister who had
passed on with the same claim.  In my extremity I thought
of the "great Physician," and took my case to Him, and
realized that He alone could help me.
   A relative, finding I would not consult a doctor or
take any drug, gave me "Science and Health with Key
to the Scriptures" to read; saying that, although a dear
friend thought she was greatly helped by a Christian

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