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Scientist, he himself had no faith in that kind of treatment,
and had no use for the book.
   I had heard of the people called Christian Scientists,
and of their textbook, Science and Health, but knew
nothing about either; yet I wanted to know, and took

MISC 441

the book gladly, and was soon deeply interested in it.
It was a revelation to me.  Although I could only understand
it in part, I knew it was the truth, and the truth
was making me free.  I felt that I had been bound and
in prison; and that now, one after another, the bonds
were being broken, and I was lifted into the pure air
and light of heaven.  I was healed before I had read
half-way through the precious volume; for I was obliged
to read slowly, and some passages over and over again.
When I came to page 304, line 10 (47th edition), I then
and there felt that I must add my testimony, though
already there were "heaps upon heaps;" but since then,
I have tried to put the thought of those dark days away
from me, and only refer to them now in the hope that
some one who is bound may be released and brought
into the light of divine Love, which alone can heal, and
make us "every whit whole."
                                        L. M. C., Brooklyn, N. Y.

   I have been thinking for a long time that I would give
my experience in coming out of sickness into the knowledge
of health by reading "Science and Health with Key
to the Scriptures."
   I was sixty years old (as we mortals count time) before
I ever read one word of Christian Science.  On July
2, 1890, I met a Scientist who gave me a pamphlet called
"Christian Healing," by the Rev. Mary B. G. Eddy.
At that time I was almost helpless.  This lady advised
me to buy Science and Health.  I did so, and tried to
read it; but my hands were so lame I could not hold it,
and I let it fall to the floor so often that it became unbound,
and I laid it away and resumed my medicine.

MISC 442

   The following May, the Scientist visited in this city
again.  She advised me to burn all my medicines and to
lean unreservedly on the promises of God.  I took her
advice; had my book rebound in three volumes, so I
could hold it more easily, and now read it constantly,
reading nothing else.  Sometimes I would suffer intensely,
then I would get a little better; then more suffering, and
so on, until August, 1891, when all pain left me.  I have
had no return of it, and no disagreeable sensations of any
kind, and am perfectly well in all respects.
   Surely, if we will but trust our heavenly Father, He is
sufficient for us.  I hope some one of, or near, my age,
who is afflicted, may read this and take courage; for I
have demonstrated the fact that, by reading Science and
Health, in connection with the Bible, and trying to follow
the teaching therein, one in the autumn of life may be
made over new.  I am so thankful to God for my great
   That remark of Sojourner Truth helps me to a better
understanding of Life in God: "God is the great house
that holds all His children; we dwell in Him as the fishes
dwell in the seas." - P. T. P.

   Until about one year ago, I had no thought of investigating
Christian Science.  Previous to that time it had
been presented to me in such a way that I condemned it
as unreasonable and absurd.  At that time it was presented
to me in a more reasonable light.  I determined
to divest myself of prejudice (as far as was possible)

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