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and investigate it, thinking that if there was anything
in it, it was for me as well as others; that I surely needed

MISC 443

it, and if I found no good in it, I could then with some
show of reason condemn it.
   I had been reading Science and Health about two
weeks, when one morning I wanted my cane.  It had
been misplaced; and while looking for it the thought
came to me, If all is Mind, I need no cane.  I went out
without it, have not used it at all since, and do not need
it as a support; but for a time I did miss it from my
hand.  I had used it for years as a support to a very
lame back.
   I before went much stooped, because it pained me to
straighten up; but from the time I laid my cane aside I
straightened up, free from pain.  Occasionally I have a
slight pain in my back, but it is nothing to compare with
what it had been.
   In a short time after laying my cane aside, my pipe
and tobacco went out into the street and have not
returned.  I had smoked for sixty-five years, and chewed
for fifty.  I have no desire for either of them; in fact,
the smoke is offensive to me.
   Many times before I had tried to quit, but the desire
for it was so strong that I would go back to it; and when
I tried to "taper off," I would make the taper end the
   Many other physical claims have disappeared, and it
is a common thing for acquaintances to say when they
meet me, "You look better than I have seen you for
years; what have you been doing?"  My reply is, I not
only look better, but feel better, and am better; and
Christian Science has done it.
   With all this, I seem to have very little spiritual understanding
of the truth; am endeavoring to get more, but

MISC 444

it seems slow.  If there is a shorter road to it than I have
found, I should like to be directed to it.
                                        J. S. M., Joplin, Mo.

   Four years ago I was healed by reading "Science and
Health with Key to the Scriptures."  The third day,
one of my worst claims gave way.  The book was full of
light, and disease vanished as naturally as darkness gives
place to light, although it was about six months before
I was entirely healed.
   Seeing this truth in its purity, showed me where to
take my stand; and in defending it I have the prince of
this world to meet.  Mortal mind has even called me
crazy; but what a blessing to know the nothingness of
that mind, and that divine Principle governs all its ideas,
and will place each where it belongs!
   If our Master was persecuted, can his servants hope to
escape?  I know in some degree what Paul meant when
he said he rejoiced in tribulations, "for when I am weak,
then am I strong."
   Many claims that have baffled the skill of the physicians
have disappeared through my understanding of
Truth.  What a blessing that we can break the bread of
Life to others, and so add to our crown of rejoicing!
                                        S. E. R., Kansas City, Mo.

   A dear little six-year old boy of my acquaintance was
invited by his teacher, with the rest of his class in kindergarten
school, to attend a picnic one afternoon.  He did
not feel that he wanted to go; seemed dumpish, and

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