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   For a long time I have felt that I must in some way
express my great debt of gratitude for Christian Science.
I know no better way to do so than to give an account,
through the Journal, of some of the many blessings I
have received as a result of our Leader's untiring toil
and self-sacrificing love for suffering mortals, in giving
to us the wonderful book, "Science and Health with
Key to the Scriptures."
   When I first heard of Christian Science, about six
years ago, I was satisfied that it was the religion of Christ
Jesus, because Jesus had so plainly said, "And these
signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall
they cast out devils; . . . they shall lay hands on the
sick, and they shall recover."
   I had been a church-member since my girlhood, but
was not satisfied that my belief would take me to
heaven, as I did not have these "signs following" - and
this had always troubled me; so, when I heard that an
old acquaintance living at a distance had not only been
raised from a dying condition to health, but her life had
been changed and purified through Christian Science, I
could hardly wait to know more of this Christlike religion
which was casting out evils and healing the sick.  I
searched every bookstore in the city for Science and
Health, at last found a copy, and was delighted to get hold
of it, but little realized what a treasure it was to be to me
and my household.
   At first it was like Greek to me, and I could not understand

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much of it, but gleaned enough to keep on
reading, and longed for some one to talk to me of it.
   After I had been reading it about a year's time, I
suddenly became almost blind.  I knew no Scientist to go
to, so went to physicians; they told me that my case was
hopeless, that it was certain my sight never could be
restored, and the probabilities were that I would soon be
totally blind.
   I felt sure that Christian Science would help me if I
could only fully understand it; but there was no one
from whom I could ask help, that I knew of.  I gave all
the time that I could use my eyes to studying Science
and Health, - which at first was not more than five
minutes two, and sometimes three, times a day; gradually
my sight returned, until it was fully restored.
   During this time God and the "little book" were my
only help.  My understanding was very limited; but like
the prodigal son, I had turned away from the husks,
towards my Father's house, and while I "was yet a great
way off" my Father came to meet me.  When this great
cloud of darkness was banished by the light of Truth,
could I doubt that Christian Science was indeed the
"Comforter" that would lead us "into all truth"?
   Again I lay at the point of death; but holding steadfastly
to the truth, knowing, from the teaching of this
precious book, that God is Life and there is no death, I
was raised up to health, - restored to my husband and
little children, all of whom I am thankful to say are now
with me in Science.
   I had no one to talk with on this subject, knew no one
of whose understanding I felt sure enough to ask for
help; but I was careful from the first not to read or

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inquire into anything except genuine Christian Science,
and how thankful I am for it!  Since then, I have been
through a class.
   I cannot express in words what Christian Science has
done for my children, or my gratitude that the light of
Truth has come to them in their innocent childhood, -
healing all claims of sickness, and showing us how to overcome
the more stubborn claims of sin. - L. F. B.

   It is a little over one year since a very esteemed friend,

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