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of this city, invited me to partake of the heavenly manna
contained in the revelation of "Science and Health with
Key to the Scriptures."  I had, up to that time, been
for fifteen years a victim of hip-joint disease; this eventually
confining me to my bed, where I had been ten
months when the "book of prophecy" was opened for
me.  I was not long in finding the light I needed, - that
gave "feet to the lame," enabling me now to go, move,
and walk, where I will, without crutch or support of any
description, save the staff of divine Science.
   In proportion as my thoughts are occupied with the
work in Science, does the peace and joy come inwardly
that transforms the blight of error externally.
                                        T. G. K., Tacoma, Wash.

   I wish to acknowledge the blessings which Christian
Science has brought to me through reading "Science and
Health with Key to the Scriptures."  My first demonstration
was over the tobacco habit; I had smoked for
at least fifteen years:  I have now no desire for tobacco.

MISC 450

   I was then healed of two claims which had bound me
for ten years.  My prayer is that I may be so filled with the
truth that I can carry the message to my brother man.
                                        F. W. K., Angelica, N. Y.

   I take advantage of the great privilege granted us,
to give my testimony for Christian Science through the
pages of our much loved Journal.  The blessing has
been so bountiful that words can but poorly express my
   A little over six years ago, a relative came from Denver,
Colorado, to visit us.  She was a Christian Scientist,
having herself been healed of a severe claim that M. D.'s,
drugs, and climate could not relieve; and her husband
having been in the drug business, she had had a chance
to give them a fair trial.
   My sister-in-law did not talk much on the subject, as
I remember; but what was better, lived the truth before
us as she realized it.
   One day (a blessed day to me), I ventured to open
Science and Health, and read the first sentence in the
Preface.  I closed the book, wondering what more it could
contain, this seeming to cover the whole ground.  When
my sister-in-law returned to the room, I asked her if I
might read it.  Her reply was, "Yes; but begin at the
   That night, after all had retired, I began to read;
within forty-eight hours I destroyed all drugs, applications,
etc., notwithstanding the fact that my husband
had just paid fifty dollars to a travelling specialist for
part of a treatment.  With the drugs disappeared ailments

MISC 451

of nine years' standing, which M. D.'s had failed
to relieve.
   I now understand that my sudden healing was due to
my turning completely away from material methods;
for I was convinced I should never use them again.  I
realized that God was my health, my strength, my Life,
therefore All.  As I read Science and Health, I wondered
why others had not discerned this truth, - physicians,
ministers, and others who had devoted their lives
to benefit mankind.  Yes! why?  Because they had
been seeking in the opposite direction to Truth, namely,
for cause and effect in matter, when all cause and effect

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