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finally said to myself, "I will try it."  I took a large
porous plaster and four thicknesses of flannel off my
stomach, and threw them in the corner, saying, "Now
it shall be Mind over matter; no more matter over Mind."
I filled a large basket full of bottles containing medicine,
and put it in the shed (where all medicine should be).
From that day I have eaten of everything on the table,
and all I wished.  Coffee was my worst enemy, and I
had not tasted it for years without suffering untold agony.
Several days passed before I cared to drink it; then, one
morning, I told my family I would commence to use it;
I did, and have used it every day since, and don't know
that I have a stomach, as it never has caused me any
trouble since that morning.
   I am happy to say I have not used a drop of any kind
of medicine, internally or externally, from that day, and
I know that all is Mind.  I read the Bible and Science
and Health nearly every day, thanking the Lord for the
years of suffering which have led me to the truth as taught
by our Saviour; for I feel it was only through its victory
over the suffering that the truth could have been revealed
in my case.

MISC 454

   I have had some demonstrations to make over error,
but each time it becomes easier.  God is ever present
and ready to help me, and I trust in Him; my faith is
planted on a rock that is immovable.
   Yours truly,        Frank s. Eberhart

   P. S.  If you think this letter, or any part of it, will
help some one out of darkness into the light of Truth,
you are at liberty to have it published.

   Having so many occupations and interruptions, I have
not found time to read "Science and Health with Key to
the Scriptures" sufficiently, but will not on that account
delay thanking you for its excellence.
                                        Henry W. Longfellow, Cambridge, Mass.

   I am an old-school practitioner; have served as surgeon
in two European wars; practised medicine for about
ten years in New York city and Brooklyn, until my health
compelled me to relinquish my profession.  I became
a victim of the morphia habit, taking daily thirty grains
of that drug.  My physicians declared me consumptive,
and abandoned all hopes of recovery.  Shortly after
this I made the acquaintance of a student of the author
of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,"
who presented me with her works; and as drugs did me
no good, I stopped taking any whatever, save morphia,
without which I thought it impossible to get along, and
to my astonishment began to gain in flesh, and my ambition
returning in proportion.  I finally felt that I would
stop my loathsome habit of morphia-eating, and did so

MISC 455

in one week, without any discomfort worth mentioning.
For a test I administered one fourth of a grain of morphia
to the aforesaid Scientist, hypodermically, without the
slightest physiological effect, clearly proving the existence
of metaphysical laws.  I have read Science and Health
carefully, and consider my present improved health solely
due to mental influence.
                                        Otto Anderson, M. D., Cincinnati, Ohio

The profound truths which you announce, sustained

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