Miscellaneous Writings (1883-1896) by Mary Baker Eddy
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ten dollars per copy.  I am of the opinion that I can heal
the sick on its basis, from reading the work.

                                        H. D. Dexter, M. D., Dundee, N. Y.

   Rev. Mary B. G. Eddy's book, "Science and Health
with Key to the Scriptures," has been duly catalogued
and placed on our shelves for use.  In behalf of the trustees,
let me convey cordial thanks to the earnest-minded
author for this interesting contribution.  My own idea
is, that the power of Mind or Spirit is supreme in character,
and destined to supremacy over all that is adverse
to divine order.                    William H. Kimball,
Librarian New Hampshire State Library

MISC 459

   I am reading the work, "Science and Health with
Key to the Scriptures," for the third time; and I am
convinced of the truth of the Science of which it treats,
- instructing us how to attain holiness of heart, purity
of life, and the sublime ascendency of soul over body.
                                        C. Clement, McMinnville, Warren Co., Tenn.

   I was sick for a number of years with what some of
the most skilful physicians pronounced an incurable
disease.  The more I tried to get help, the worse I became,
until a life of pain and helplessness seemed
unavoidable.  Two years ago I heard of "Science and
Health with Key to the Scriptures," began reading it
and trying to live up to its teachings.  At first, my beliefs
were so strong I made but little progress; but gradually
my disease gave way, and finally disappeared, and
to-day I am a well woman.  I cannot express the gratitude
I feel for what the light shining through the teachings
of that book did for me.
                                        (Mrs.) Emily T. Howe, Norway, Me.

   I have been reading "Science and Health with Key
to the Scriptures," and feasting - like a starving, shipwrecked
mariner, on the food that was to sustain him
- on truths which ages to come will appreciate, understand,
and accept.  Many of the theories which at first
appear abstruse and obscure, at length become clear and
lucid.  The candle of intellect requires occasional snuffing
to throw the clear light of penetration on the page.
                                        (Mrs.) S. A. Orne, Malden, Mass.

MISC 460

   The mother of a little girl about eight years old told
me her child was having a severe attack of cold, and
was delicate and easy to take cold.  I told her the little
girl would be all right; not to give her any medicine, but
read Science and Health to her.  When I next saw the
mother, she told me the little girl was entirely well; that
the cold had all disappeared, and with it a claim of night-sweats
that the child had been under for more than a
year.  The little girl had been out sliding down-hill in
the snow a number of times; had her feet very wet, but

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