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it did not affect her at all.  They were all pleased, -
especially the child; her face was beaming with happiness
and smiles.  This is just one little instance of the
good that comes from reading Science and Health.

T. W. H.


   This is, perhaps, the most remarkable book on health,
in some respects, which has appeared in this country.
The author evidently discards physiology, hygiene, mesmerism,
magnetism, and every form of medication, bathing,
dieting, etc., - all go by the board; no medicine,
manipulation, or external applications are permitted;
everything is done through the mind.  Applied to certain
conditions, this method has great value:  even the
reading of the author's book has cured hopeless cases.
The author claims that her methods are those used by
Christ and his apostles, and she has established a church
and school to propagate them. - Herald of Health, N. Y.
(M. L. Holbrook, Publisher)

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   The Christian Scientists claim that the power of healing
is not lost, and have supported that claim by inducing
cures astonishingly like those quoted from the New
Testament.  And even more good they hope to achieve,
as this power which they possess is better understood
and the new light gains strength in the world.  Experience
has taught us that the nearer we approach to the
source of a report of miraculous power, the smaller does
the wonder grow.  In the instance of the Christian Scientists,
the result has been rather the reverse; if third
parties have related a remarkable circumstance, the person
of whom the fact was alleged has been found to make
the assertion still stronger. - Boston Sunday Globe

   "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by
Mary Baker G. Eddy, President of the Massachusetts
Metaphysical College, is a remarkable publication,
claiming to elucidate the influence of mentality over
matter.  Mrs. Eddy announces herself as the discoverer
of this metaphysical Science, and receives students, to
whom she imparts so much of her metaphysics as their
minds are capable of receiving.  The volumes are a
vigorous protest against the materialism of our modern
scientists, Darwin, Huxley, Tyndall, etc.  Her Science
of Mind was first self-applied:  having been ill and treated
by doctors of the various schools without benefit, she
discovered the grand Principle of all healing to be God,
or Mind.  Relying on this Principle alone, she regained
her health, and for the last sixteen years has taught
this theory to others, and has healed the sick in all cases
where the patient's mentality was sufficiently strong to

MISC 462

understand her teachings and act upon them. - Brooklyn

   The book "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures"
is certainly original, and contains much that
will do good.  The reader will find this work not influenced
by superstition or pride, but striking out boldly,
- full of self-sacrifice and love towards God and man. -
Christian Advocate, Buffalo, N. Y.

   The doctrines of "Science and Health with Key to
the Scriptures" are high and pure, wholly free from
those vile theories about love and marriage which have
been so prevalent among the spiritualists.  This new
sect devotes itself to a study of the Bible, and a practice
of curing disease without mesmerism or spiritualism.  It
treats Darwin and materialists with a lofty scorn. -
Springfield Republican

   "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" is

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