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result of ignorance of the real power that "moves the
universe," - too much faith in matter or effect, and not
enough in Mind or cause, which is God.
   To one who can accept the truth that all causation is
in Mind, and who therefore begins to look away from

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matter and into Mind, or Spirit, for all that is real and
eternal, and for all that produces anything that is lasting,
the doubts and petty annoyances of life become
dissolved in the light of a better understanding, which
has been refined in the crucible of charity and love; and
they fade away into the nothingness from whence they
came, never having had any existence in fact, being only
the inventions of erring human belief.
   Read the teachings of the Christ from a Christian Science
standpoint, and they no longer appear vague and mystical,
but become luminous and powerful, - and, let me
say, intelligible.
   It is true, as you intimate, that this theory of life is
much more generally accepted by women than by men,
and it may be true that as a rule their reasoning is much
less rigid in its nature than that of the sterner sex, and
that they may be liable to scan their premises less keenly;
but may it not also be true, that they are of finer texture
and more spiritual in their natures, and that they may
be just as likely to arrive at the truth through their intuitions,
in connection with their logic, as we are through
the more rugged courses?  If it be true that man is the
more logical, the fallibility of our own reasonings very
frequently becomes painfully apparent even to ourselves,
and they are therefore not the safest gauge by which to
judge others.
   I believe, myself, that when it comes to standing up
for Truth in the face of the world, and possibly at the
sacrifice of position and popularity, women possess the
necessary courage in a much greater degree than do
   I had not intended to weary you with such a long

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letter, but after getting into the subject, I hardly knew
where to stop.  As an old and loved friend, I have given
you a glimpse of my inner life, because I hardly knew
how to explain my mental consition to you in any other
way. . . .


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